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How Store Design Impacts Consumer Engagement and Purchases

Learn from the Experts the Secrets to Boosting Retail Sales by Unlocking the Power of Better Store Design

Interior planning and design play a significant role in the overall performance of a retail store. A well-designed interior can influence the shopping experience, increase engagement and ultimately impact the store’s sales and profits.

PETS+ has brought together a team of retail design experts to share their knowledge with you. We invite you to join Lyn Falk (RetailWorks), Jennifer Waligora (Wild Birds Unlimited), Pam Levine (Levine Luxury Branding) and host Andrea Hill (Hill Management Group) for a complimentary webinar about ways to upgrade your store experience and increase engagement.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to create an atmosphere that stimulates interest, engagement, and trust.
  • How to extend your brand into the literal fabric of your store.
  • Ideas for product display that turn attention to key products and drive more profitable sales.
  • How to influence the flow of customers through the store, guiding them along the customer journey and toward the cash register.

Join us and learn how turning your store interior into a multi-dimensional brand experience can change the way consumers experience your brand and keep them returning for more.



Lyn Falk | CEO & President, RetailWorks
Jennifer Waligora | Store Design & Planning Manager, Wild Birds Unlimited
Pam Levin| Owner, Levine Luxury Branding
Hosted by Andrea Hill | CEO, Hill Management Group | The Works Brands


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