An item on the current petless White House in last month’s Know It All section and it being the month of Presidents Day (Feb. 19) inspired us to come up with this quiz on presidents and their pets. While we all know Richard Nixon’s cocker spaniel Checkers from his speech, and we may recall Socks (Bill Clinton’s cat), Millie (George W. Bush’s springer spaniel who authored a book), and Bo and Sunny (Barack Obama’s Portuguese water dogs), we’ve bet you never knew about Mr. Reciprocity, Him or the very first Siamese cat in the U.S. (And if you’re wondering, Theodore Roosevelt had more pets than any other president.) Draw a line between the president and the type of pet, and for bonus points, to the name of that pet.


ANSWERS ...George Washington, greyhound, Cornwallis | Thomas Jefferson, mockingbird, Dick | Andrew Jackson, parrot, Polly | Abraham Lincoln, turkey, Jack | Rutherford B. Hayes, Siamese cat, Siam | Benjamin Harrison, opossum, Mr. Reciprocity | Theodore Roosevelt, rat, Jonathan | Calvin Coolidge, raccoon, Rebecca | John F. Kennedy, canary, Robin | Lyndon B. Johnson, beagle, Him. 

This article originally appeared in the February 2018 edition of PETS+.

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