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Giving Chewbacca His Due, and More Key Pet Pro Dates for May-June





25 Contemplating such a seminal event as the 40TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE PREMIERE OF STAR WARS, we sought a link between Star Wars nerdhood and pet store ownership and kept coming back to one character: Chewbacca. Of course, Buzzfeed made the connection long before we did and has this list of “18 Dogs that Look Like Chewbacca”. Could you hold a Chewbacca-lookalike contest?


2 It’s almost summer, guys. And we at Pets+ think it would be great if you could get home earlier every now and then to enjoy these gorgeous evenings. On NATIONAL LEAVE THE OFFICE EARLIER DAY, work more efficiently. Instead of checking your Facebook page and Yelp reviews 27 times, visit those time-sucking sites only once. There you go: We just got you home 45 minutes earlier.

4 Happy HUG YOUR CAT DAY! Encourage your digital followers to hug their felines today. You might also note that, while a hug is great and all, a hug plus a groom (or toy or delicious, healthy treat) at a special price is even better.

10 Sure, children are crazy about dolls — as are many adults. But do you know who else loves dolls? Dogs. Point canine owners to your doggie doll selection on WORLD DOLL DAY today.

14 On INTERNATIONAL BATH DAY, be sure to promote your grooming or DIY bath service today. Extra credit for producing a professionally shot video of animals absolutely relishing their bath and groom time with you.

18 It’s CLEAN YOUR AQUARIUM DAY. Create a list of suggested “top tools” customers can use for DIY aquarium cleaning. Offer a special “Fish Tank Makeover” with cleaning and redesign. And don’t forget to mention your monthly aquarium cleaning service plan, for customers dying to give up this monthly chore.


19 Everybody’s favorite lasagna-loving feline is celebrated on GARFIELD THE CAT DAY. Your idea for today: Hold a social media contest for Garfield lookalikes. The winner gets a free groom plus a gift certificate for a lasagna dinner (with a giant asterisk indicating that the owner can instead opt for a more appropriate cat treat from a local pet bakery.)

23 How can you be of service on TAKE YOUR DOG TO WORK DAY, a day we all want to make much, much more popular? Provide a checklist pet-owners should refer to before bringing their pet into a new environment. Or provide tools company employees can use to convince bosses what a fantastic idea welcoming some furry friends just one day a year would be.

More Notable May-June Events
  • May 19 is Endangered Species Day. Learn how to protect threatened creatures at
  • May 19 is Pizza Party Day. Is there ever a bad day for a pizza party?
  • May 30 is Neighbor Day. A good time to connect with home neighbors, business neighbors, or both.
  • June 9 is Donald Duck Day. Perpetually angry, fashion-challenged and cursed with an impenetrable accent, he is no one’s favorite Disney character. But give a duck its day, willya?
  • June 14 is Blood Donor Day. Donate. And encourage staff and customers to.
  • June 18 is Father’s Day. Is Dad’s best friend his dog? Surprise him with a portrait of his canine chum.
  • June 20 is World Productivity Day. Always a good idea to think of ways to squeeze a little more efficiency from your days.
  • June 23 is National Columnists Day. Send a letter today to a columnist whose work you admire. (Hey, Pets+ has a couple you might want to contact!)

This article originally appeared in the May-June 2017 edition of PETS+.



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