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Great Dane Puppy Born With Rare Green Color

The owner said the situation was ‘shocking.’




The puppy on the left was born with a green tint to its fur. Credit: Screenshot from KRDO-ABC video

A Great Dane puppy was born in Colorado with a highly unusual characteristic: She was green.

The pup, No. 8 in a litter of 9, came into the world on Oct. 14 WTNH-TV reports.

Caddy Williams, owner of the puppy’s mother, Ami, said the situation was “shocking.”

“Luckily, I had recently read an article about a green dog,” she said. “So at least I knew what was going on.”

Green puppies are thought to occur when biliverdin, a green pigment that is part of bile, comes into contact with light-colored fur, WTNH reports.

The resulting dye job lasts a few weeks and is harmless.


Williams named the dog Verdant.

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