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Greek Style Fro-Yo and Other Hot Selling Pet Products and Services in June

Find out what’s been flying off the shelves.




BOSS DOGmfrozen yogurt dog treat Available in Peanut Butter and Banana, Bacon and Cheddar, and Pumpkin Cinnamon flavors.


BOSS DOG Greek Style Frozen Yogurt Treats. We gave a ton away to see how they would do, and now we sell out every week. We have customers buy entire boxes of 12 at a time! — Debbie Purchia, Pet Playhouse, Milldale, CT

  • K-9 KRAVING Duck Feet. Averaged 14 feet a day! It’s a great, inexpensive treat for larger dogs or a chew for smaller dogs and puppies. — Matthew O’Leary, Felix & Oscar, Springfield, VA
  • Since the pandemic started, we have had a large increase in products for puppies and kittens. Beds, toys, puppy and kitten food. That trend has been one of our saving graces by bringing in new customers and adding to the bottom line. — Keith Henline, Asheville Pet Supply, Asheville, NC
  • ANSWERS PET FOOD Raw Milk. We used their promo and couldn’t keep it in our freezer! — Samantha Youngblood, Youngblood’s Natural Animal Care Center & Massage, Greenfield, IN
  • Our Abby and Parker‘s Treat Box Subscription picked up in its second month with us. We were able to triple subscribers. — Colleen O’Fallon, Sweet Paws Bakery, Gainesville, FL
  • Our Mystery Bags! We sold them via our website and revealed the contents on Facebook live. They went over like crazy! We’re planning to make them more themed and recurring. — Whitney Kamish, The Green Spot, Omaha, NE
  • We had a local person, who already makes our dog bandanas, make us matching dog bandana-human mask sets to sell, and they were a huge hit. — Jen Silverberg, Fetch Pet Supplies & Gifts, Springfield, MO
  • Toys and treats. With the environment today, more customers are working from home and need to entertain their pup more, so interactive toys have been important. — Lisa Senafe, Bentley’s Pet Stuff, Long Grove, IL
  • Aquariums and the items to fill them up. — Marvin Schaffer, J & M Aquatics & Pet Center, Grand Junction, CO
  • Best-selling has a very different meaning during the coronavirus pandemic. Los Angeles only allowed us to re-open on May 19 with a significant layer of procedural caution. So for us, best selling is literally anything that sold: day care, boarding, grooming, self-wash, baths, ECO DOG CARE grooming products. — Jane Bond, Eco Dog Care LA, Los Angeles, CA
  • Pet supplies are HOT for us. Our cat litter segment is exploding. We are finding our subscription boxes to be very successful as well — and they are helping with add-on sales. — Alison Schwartz, All Pets Considered, Greensboro, NC
  • HEALTH EXTENSION, PRIMAL, NATURVET. — Brett Foreman, euPAWria Holistic Pet Center, Owego, NY
  • ANSWERS PET FOOD. — Diana Farrar, Fifi & Fidos Pet Boutique, San Antonio, TX
  • PURINA PRO PLAN. Sensitive Skin & Stomach is the strongest seller overall. Recommended for chicken sensitivities. Second is raw food, such as ANSWERS PET FOOD and PRIMAL. — Cheryl McKee, DOGGSTUFF, Virginia Beach, VA
  • FLUFF & TUFF Toys. We brought in many new toys to create interest and also for customers looking to keep their pups busy. — Lynda Allen, Emerald City Pet Supplies Seattle, WA
  • SMALL BATCH raw beef 18-pound cases. I don’t do any sales or promotions on raw pet food unless offered by the manufacturer. I keep my sales to products that bring in a higher margin. I get my Small Batch products through Pet Food Experts, and the case retails for just over $103. Most of my customers have multiple dogs and buy more than one case of Small Batch at a time of varying proteins. My next biggest seller is THE BONES & CO. raw beef 18-pound cases that I also purchase from Pet Food Experts and that retails for $91.69. My focus here is on health and raw diets. My business is just over 2.5 years old and has grown steadily since opening. There are a lot of health-minded people in this area, so they’re looking to do better or their pets as well. — Beth Kidd, Dogs By Design, Irwin, PA
  • Dog toys in general have been a great seller for us. One of biggest things that differentiates a brick and mortar store from online shopping is the experience of shopping and discovering new things, so we pay special attention to having new items (especially toys) as often as possible. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge investment, either. Just a few new toys every week or every other week goes a long way. When customers see something new, especially if it’s something that grabs their attention like a cute or well-made toy, they get excited. We had a customer tell us this morning that she has canceled her BarkBox subscription because we have so much great stuff, that the Bark Box isn’t necessary (plus it’s a lot more expensive than just shopping with us). — Cory Giles, The General Store, Collinsville, IL
  • Frozen fish food. — Danny Bik, Wet Pets SRQ, Sarasota, FL
  • Boredom Busters: interactive puzzles, maze balls, treat dispensers. Long-lasting chews like yak sticks and bully sticks. Customers who were working from home, those spending more time at home with their pets, were the ones most interested. We posted videos showing our puzzle toys/boredom busters to social media, which drew a lot of attention and brought people in or prompted them to call or order from our website. We specialize in carrying USA-made products, toys from WEST PAW & PLANET DOG — that appeals to our customers. Our bully sticks are from BULLY BUNDLES & THE NATURAL DOG CO. — free-range sourcing and chemical-free air-drying techniques keep the product clean and healthy for pets. — Janet Cesarini, Pupology, Georgetown, TX
  • The PREPPY PUPPY shark-shaped cookies far outsold any other shape in June. We usually sell the most right before and during Shark Week, but maybe the lockdowns had people thinking about any kind of danger other than the viral kind! — Wendy Megyese Muttigans, Emerald Isle, NC
  • Freeze-dried raw diets! Customers love the convenience of these diets, especially in the summer. PRIMAL ran a promo offering a free Edible Elixir with the purchase of freeze dried. NORTHWEST NATURALS also had a great discount on their entire freeze-dried meal line, making it a great intro to the product. — Karen Conell, The Bark Market, Delavan, WI
  • Treat sales are up. AMERICAN NATURAL PREMIUMS‘ new legume-free recipes are doing well. — Keefer Dickerson, Nashville Pet Products, Nashville, TN
  • Grooming and retail-ready treats and chews. Grooming for obvious COVID-19 reasons, and retail treats are traditionally a very popular seller for me. — Holly Lemieux, Pupcakes, Hyannis, MA
  • New product KALMBACH Henhouse Reserve has been very well received. The quality is clearly evident in the visible grains. This product also has a very reasonable price point. — Robert Durham, Willis Feed Mill Co, Willis, MI
  • Our bestselling product was bully sticks. We only carry thick-cut, odor-free bully sticks and have them in two sizes (6 inch for $4.29, 12 inch for $8.99). Our source is THE NATURAL DOG COMPANY. Customers buy the bully sticks from our store specifically because they are odor-free, and since so many people are still working from home, they are looking for chews to occupy their pups! — b, Lucky Dogs, Skaneateles, NY
  • Our dog-washing stations opened again and were quite busy. Pig ears sold really well also. We ran a special two for deal on HEAVENLY HOUNDS Relaxation Squares and sold out before each new order! — Jess Smith, Chow Hound Pet Supplies-Standale, Walker, MI
  • Toppers from our frozen department continue to sell well as the second category after food. — Bonnie Bitondo, Maxwell & Molly’s Closet, Newton, NJ
  • Licki Mats seem to be the popular item. — Alexis Butler, The Dog’s Meow, Salt Lake City, UT
  • We’re doing well with our fresh-baked fresh treats. Our locally made fabric face masks (some match our dog bandanas) have done well. HEAVENLY HOUNDS Calming Chews are always a great item for us. EARTH ANIMAL No-Hide Stix — all sizes, all proteins. Nail grinding by appointment for $16 is off the charts. Hyper Pet Playdate LickiMat. — Jeff Jensen, Four Muddy Paws, St Louis, MO
  • Bull Tails by OPEN RANGE. They measure 24 inches and retail for $15.99. We had to limit the quantity sold per customer due to their chewing duration and taste dogs love. — Rosi Ladouceur, Barrkhaven Pet Boutique and Spaw, Ottawa, ON
  • K-9 Kraving Duck Feet and Vital Essential Duck Hearts were our two bestselling SKUs at all of our locations in June. We let customers know the benefits of adding a duck foot a day and feeding hearts to supplement their pet’s diet. For duck feet, we do a Buy 12 and Save 10 Percent deal. We easily sell over 5,000 duck feet a month. — Nancy Guinn, Dog Krazy, Fredericksburg VA
  • USA-made items. — Debbie Fazica, Pet X Supply & Tack Inc., Howell, MI
  • Pet Releaf oils and treats flew off the shelf with a 15 percent-off coupon offered by the manufacturer. We reminded our customers to stock up for the 4th of July through social media. — Victoria Park, Park Pet Supply, Atlanta GA
  • Glass terrariums. People are home, and they turned their attention to their hobby and bought new enclosures with all the trimmings, including new critters. — “Jungle” Bob Smith, Jungle Bob’s Reptile World, Selden, NY
  • TICKLED PET Icelandic Codfish Twists. Prices from $8.99 to $27.99, three sizes. Sampled out a bag for a take-home treat for customers, and now I’m having a hard time keeping them in stock. — Lisa Boegl, Eldorado Country Pet & Wild Bird, Santa Fe, NM
  • HONEST KITCHEN Bone Broth Pour Overs. People like the ease of use, small package and trying different flavors. — Dana Rice, Dog Wild Pet Supplies & Resort, Cooperstown, NY
  • Dog toys remained our top seller. P.L.A.Y. brunch toys (especially the Bloody Mary), Soda Pup chew toys (especially the Hotdog) and Fluff & Tuff toys were all good sellers. — Kaye Busse-Kleber, Bark On Mulford, Rockford, IL
  • NOBL freeze-dried bars. We have a lot of hikers, and active people with dogs and working dogs. These are a great shelf-stable alternative to frozen. In addition, they are one of few companies who report digestibility and nutrient analysis. These things are important to us. — Nicci Cammack, NorthPoint Pets & Company, Cheshire, CT
  • GREEN ELEMENT CBD. ZIPPY PAWS plush toys. FIRSTMATE Friendly Grain dog foods. — Richie Powell, All American Pet Supplies & Grooming, Springfield, OR
  • CHARLEE BEAR Grain Free Treats and CHIP NATURALS Chicken Chip (aka doggie crack). — Sue Hepner, Cool Dog Gear, Roslyn, PA
  • Our dog training services were outstanding! We have a waiting list! — Lisa Kirschner, Sit, Stay, ‘N Play, Stroudsburg, PA
  • It wasn’t the best seller by quantity, but we sold a LOT of face masks from The Cat Ball, just under $1K between three sizes (child, medium/youth and large/adult.) They are super comfortable, come in a variety of fun colors and patterns, and are merchandised on suction cup hangers at the cash wrap acrylic shield, so they are a great impulse buy at $14.99. — Shane Somerville, Paddywack, Mill Creek, WA
  • CBD and other calming treats. Folks gearing up for travel and/or fireworks. — Kimberly Gatto, The Wagging Tail, Las Vegas, NV
  • I offered two free day care days with the purchase of a 10-day package. I limited it to a four-day purchase period and got eight sales. One of my best day care clients has 34 days in his account as he’s purchased two packages at a time. I did similar offers in April and May to help with cash flow. It works! — Marcia Cram, Just Fur Pets, Springfield, VA
  • Face masks were one of our top product sales, although we didn’t make any money on them. A local customer makes them, and 100 percent of the sales goes to our local humane society, and so far we have raised over 5,000! We have them at our checkstand and also post them on our social media. — Jennifer Larsen, Firehouse Pet Shop, Wenatchee, WA
  • All-natural flea and tick products! WONDERCIDE is a big seller for us and is great for use on pets, kids, etc. — Johnna Devereaux, Fetch RI, Richmond RI
  • CBD. Getting ready for the 4th. You’d never know fireworks were illegal. — Beth Staley, Happy Dog Barkery, Downers Grove, IL
  • TASTE OF THE WILD (specifically High Prairie and Pacific Stream in 28-pound bags), and ZIGNATURE. — Natalie Bosch, Albany Pet Hotel, Albany, OR
  • Collars in new patterns and masks. — Mona Straub, Just Fur Fun, Boca Raton FL
  • Pet Releaf CBD by far is our bestselling product. People are looking for more natural solutions to help their pets. — April Meier, Pawsitively Scrumptious, Crestview, FL
  • KIng‘s Cages. Any size was a hot item. We regularly have on hand 50 to 70 cages set up. They were going out as fast as they were coming in. — Paul Lewis, Birds Unlimited, Webster, NY
  • CBD products: Pet Releaf oils, Super Snouts Chill+Out Chews and their oils, Colorado Hemp Honey sticks. — Jodi Etienne, Razzle Dazzle Doggie Bow-tique, Bradley, IL
  • Frozen raw and frozen gently cooked are selling like hotcakes! (Or would that be coldcakes?) Every brand we stock and some we brought in by request are getting a lot of attention. — Jack Carey, Food for Pets, Manchester, NH
  • Fish and corals. — Bob Bianchi, Blue Ribbon Koi & Marine, Catharpin, VA
  • K9 GRANOLA FACTORY Simply Biscuits Dog Treats always go quickly. Great price, great product! — Sandy House, Store at Paws’N Effect, Hamden, CT
  • CBD products. With cities canceling fireworks for the 4th of July, people have been doing their own non-stop since the middle of June. Dogs were terrified. — Pam Alerine, Style Mutt, Cleveland, OH
  • Our own treats. Sent some Aloha Boxes and Hurri-K9 Popcorn! We noticed a lot of our customers were sending treats to loved ones to cheer each other up from afar, so we made some ready-made boxes for them! The boxes contain a combination of our treats and other handmade items that are all made in Hawaii by other small businesses. The other product is a version of a very popular local human treat in Hawaii. We can’t keep it in stock! We put together Virtual Hawaii Pet Expo to get the sales that we did. It was very successful but, way too much for just two people to put on. We were very happy to do this for the local pet community but… never again. — Niki Libarios, Hawaii Doggie Bakery, Honolulu, HI
  • We sold our own branded s’mores pastries. — Esther Foster, Pawsitively Sweet Bakery, San Antonio, TX


  • Dog training, dog training, dog training! All of those dogs adopted/purchased during the mandatory stay-at-home period are driving their owners crazy, and that’s what we’re here for. — Katherine Ostiguy, Crossbones, Providence, RI
  • Virtual pet-parent canine massage training via Zoom. People are more comfortable with online training, and less comfortable with training in a classroom with others nearby, so my live, on-line classes sold like crazy! — Diane Pekarek, Modern Dog Massage, Greater Cleveland, OH
  • Lion cuts. — Betsey Qualley, Smitten Kitten, Des Moines, IA
  • Grooming. Once grooming was considered to be essential, our regular clients were ready, and new clients found us because they were not able to get into their previous groomer or wanted a change. — Nikki Fredericksen, Fetching Frieda’s, LaSalle, IL
  • Day Camp. — Roncy Roehm, Canyon Pet Lodge, Puyallup, WA

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