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Green Coast Pet Announces New Dog and Cat Products for 2018 and New MSRPs in the Pet Specialty Channel




(PRESS RELEASE) PASADENA, CA – Green Coast Pet announces new pricing on new items the company is launching at SuperZoo 2018, as well as a few price changes on existing Green Coast Pet products.

Here is a list of the existing Green Coast Pet products and pricing, as well as a list of new products (all launching at SuperZoo 2018 in Las Vegas) and pricing.  Photos and logos are also available per the listings below.

New Items for 2018, launching at SuperZoo 2018 in Las Vegas and New Pricing:

(Hemp-Based Items)

  • Full-Spectrum Hemp Chews- Peanut Butter Flavor for Dogs – MSRP $17.99
    -All Natural and Free of Artificial Preservatives
    -Corn, Wheat + Sugar Free
    -THC Free

(Non Hemp-Based Items)

  • Unsweetened Applesauce for Dogs – MSRP $5.99
    -Treat made specifically for Dogs
    -All Natural
    -6 Single Servings


  • Unsweetened Applesauce with Pumpkin for Dogs – MSRP $6.99
    -Treat made specifically for Dogs
    -All Natural
    -6 Single Servings 

New Pricing for Existing Green Coast Pet SKUs: 

  • Hemp + SuperBlend Chews for Dogs
    -MSRP is now $24.99 (changed from $29.99)
    -2 Flavors (available in Chicken and Whitefish) MSRP is now $24.99 (changed from $29.99)
    -Hip/Joint Inflammation Support
    -Corn, Soy, + Sugar Free 
  • Hemp + MSM Peanut Butter Flavored Paste
    -MSRP is now $28.99 (changed from $29.99)
    -All Natural and Free of Artificial Preservatives
    -Corn, Soy & Wheat Free
    -Now with MSM
    -Support a Healthy Inflammatory Response

“We are proud to partner with independent pet retailers all over the country, and due to the success at retail for our Green Coast Pet products, we were able to become more efficient with our sourcing and production and therefore provide a much better value on our product to the end consumer,” states Mike Bateman, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Green Coast Pet. “With this new pricing, Green Coast Pet is offering the highest quality hemp-based chews on the market for one of the best prices available.”

For more information on Green Coast Pet, please visit or email for more information and to place an order.



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