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Green Coast Pet Drops Its CBD Oil Prices by Up to 33%

It also adds a 1000 mg CBD oil priced at an extremely low $30 wholesale price to its line.




(PRESS RELEASE) PASADENA, CA – Green Coast Pet, a leading company in the pet CBD, Supplement and Treat space, announces a significant price decrease on each of the Broad Spectrum Hemp Oils made from USA Sourced USDA Certified Organic Hemp in the company’s current lineup (100 mg for Dogs, 100 mg for Cats, 250 mg for Dogs, 500 mg for Dogs, 2000 mg for Horses & 2000 mg for Large Breed Dogs). In addition to an aggressive price decrease on its current line, Green Coast Pet has launched a new 1000 mg Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil for dogs priced at $30.00 Wholesale, $74.99 MSRP & $59.99 MAP.

The price of CBD is dropping throughout the United States due to the commonization of premium, Certified Organic Hemp. Green Coast Pet Co-Founder, Nick Massey explains, “With recent price decreases in the CBD market, the price of CBD Oils in the human space is currently much lower than the average CBD Oil in the Pet Space. Customers realize that human CBD products can generally be used for their animals as well, which makes it critical for pet companies to keep up with the human market’s price. Beating human market prices is critical for pull through in stores and Green Coast Pet is committed to passing along its savings on raw materials to its retailers so they can achieve maximum turn for their CBD Oil Sets.” Green Coast Pet’s New CBD Oil prices are as follows:

Green Coast Pet’s New CBD Oil prices

Green Coast Pet has positioned itself to be the best priced national pet CBD brand on the market. With the addition of its 1000 mg CBD Oil for Dogs, the company has a complete line of Broad Spectrum Hemp Oils. “Green Coast Pet has always told our partners that when prices drop for us, they will for them as well. We have always felt that honest and fair pricing was critical to building long, trustworthy and profitable relationships. With this price decrease, we continue to show we are true to our word in passing along any price efficiencies we get. Our goal with all of our partners is to offer all of the tools they need to have a successful Green Coast Pet CBD set in their store and this newly released fair market pricing continues to add tools to their tool belts”, added Mike Bateman, co-founder of Green Coast Pet.

For more information on Green Coast Pet and their award winning products for dogs, cats and horses, please visit or send an email to




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