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Green Juju Fact Sheet

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What is Green Juju known for?
Since 2014, Green Juju has been a pet food industry pioneer, championing the benefits of feeding fresh, impeccably sourced vegetables for dogs. Beginning with frozen vegetable blends, which founder Kelley Marian originally created to support her dog Bailey after a cancer diagnosis, Green Juju has continued to expand its offerings to include hydrating bone broths, fermented vegetable pastes, freeze-dried whole food bites, single-ingredient protein trainers and raw goat’s milk.

In 2023, Green Juju launched its complete-and-balanced, limited-ingredient, freeze-dried raw diet recipes, and at Global Pet Expo this year, we will launch our frozen raw version of those same popular recipes.

What’s new?
Green Juju’s freeze-dried raw diet recipes have been extremely well received. Recipes include grass-fed beef, bison, goat and lamb, pasture-raised pork and humanely raised rabbit with duck liver.

In March, Green Juju is unveiling the limited-ingredient, protein-packed recipes as convenient and more affordable frozen raw food, featuring beef, goat, lamb, pork and rabbit with duck liver! Every recipe includes 92% proteins and 8% plant ingredients. They will be sold in 3-pound bags of sliders, 6-pound bags of patties, 18-pound bulk boxes of patties.

What makes this product line special?
Whether freeze-dried or frozen, this limited-ingredient raw diet starts with responsibly sourced, high-quality proteins and nutrient-rich organ meat. We’ve sourced our proteins appropriately to provide ideal omega 3:6 ratios, and we formulate our recipes without fish oil, which we’ve found to be a common trigger in sensitive dogs.

Then Green Juju adds a dark, leafy green and kelp. No grains, gluten or fillers. No synthetic vitamins or minerals.

This is important because it makes these recipes a great choice for any dog, especially those with allergies or a sensitive stomach. Only nourishing, natural ingredients for healthy, happy, energetic pups.

“Nautical Dog cannot wait to have Green Juju in our freezers. With Green Juju’s transparency, limited ingredient formulas, sourcing, and human grade ingredients, it will be an easy sell for our customers looking for the best in pet nutrition!” — Amanda Wilbourne, Owner, Nautical Dog, Williamsburg, VA

Download the Fact Sheet here.


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