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Green Juju Introduces 2 New Fermented Blends and Pure, Raw Goat’s Milk

Products received an overwhelmingly positive response.





(PRESS RELEASE) SEATTLE, WA — A leader in fresh, organic pet food supplements has expanded its product offerings with the introduction of Green Juju’s two new fermented blends and a pure raw goat’s milk that gives consumers three distinct options to feed it based on pet’s nutritional needs.

Green Juju founder Kelley Marian and Vice President of Nutrition & Communication Billy Hoekman announced the new products earlier in May to an overwhelmingly positive response.

“These new products represent a blend of my knowledge of plants and Billy’s expertise in fermentation,” Marian said. “It has been a true collaboration, and we’re thrilled to give our customers more ways to feed fresh for healthier pets.”

Bam’s Beets are made with organic red beets and purple cabbage fermented as a whole food source of probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and more. It can be fed to enhance any type of diet, including kibble, canned, dehydrated, freeze dried, raw or home-cooked foods.

Lua’s Golden Paste features organic turmeric and coconut oil, fermented as a whole food source of anti-inflammatory plant compounds. This is the most effective way for the body to utilize turmeric.

Turmeric is full of very powerful fat-soluble antioxidants. It’s combined with coconut oil to facilitate this process for better absorption throughout the body.


Both products are wild fermented, which encourages the naturally existing probiotics to grow, and it increases the amount and bioavailability of all of the curcuminoids, which are the antioxidants.

Green Juju’s new Raw Goat’s Milk stands out in a crowded market because it is pure, with no probiotics added.

“All of our milk comes from small, independent farms in Pennsylvania that we know and trust,” Hoekman said. “The goats are healthy, happy and humanely treated. They’re raised 100% on pasture, outdoors and in the sun. They produce the best raw milk in the country and, because of all the nutritional benefits it provides, raw goat’s milk really is nature’s most perfect food.”

Because Green Juju adds no probiotics to its Raw Goat’s Milk, consumers can choose to feed the milk straight from the bottle, fermented or lactose-free.

For most pets, simply feeding the Raw Goat’s Milk straight from the bottom is the best choice. Milk is made to sustain babies and provide a full range of nutrients.

However, pet parents can choose to ferment the milk with their own choice of probiotics, and Green Juju encourages them to rotate the probiotics regularly to offer a wider range of nutrients.


For the most sensitive dogs and cats, the Raw Goat’s Milk can be made lactose-free using a simple process that includes just minutes of preparation.

To learn more about the new products and to watch a training video that breaks down step-by-step the three ways to feed Raw Goat’s Milk, visit

About Green Juju

Founded in 2014, Green Juju’s signature products are frozen blends that harness the health benefits of organic vegetables and fruits to help pet owners add more life to their dog’s bowl. The blends were originally created for Marian’s dog, Bailey, to improve her health following a cancer diagnosis. Green Juju’s frozen vegetable blends, along with bison and duck bone broth and protein-packed freeze-dried whole food bites, are popular items at independent pet retailers from coast to coast. Green Juju is dedicated to expanding awareness of proper pet nutrition and making it easier for anyone to feed healthy.



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