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With tables and tubs made from medical-grade specifications to a full assortment of clippers, shampoos and accessories, Waggz is truly a one-stop shop for groomers.

Waggz electric dog grooming tables, built to medical grade specifications, are adjustable with a stable X frame, a patented high-powered push rod that won’t trap fur and waterproof foot pedals on both sides.

In the world of grooming, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a dog shampooed, clipped and groomed to perfection. Waggz, the one-stop shop for groomers, understands this. And that’s why its grooming tables, tubs and supplies are designed, manufactured and stocked with one thing in mind: To make a groomer’s life easier and ultimately more successful.
Waggz is advancing the art of pet grooming by creating high quality products. Its grooming tables and tubs are made with the same heavy-duty materials and patented technology trusted by hospitals. With medical-grade wheels, double-sided workstations and patented lift mechanisms, Waggz is setting new standards for the products groomers use every day.
And, with everything a groomer needs to thrive, why go to multiple places when Waggz has it all? Here’s a quick look at the quality tested, expertly manufactured and tried-and-true supplies that makes Waggz a go-to grooming partner:


Waggz offers a comprehensive range of high-quality pet grooming tables, making it easier for professionals to provide safe and convenient grooming services. Grooming tables are convenient, eliminating the need to lean over the pets or hold them in a lap while grooming — the table keeps them at just the right height. Groomers can lift and lower the electric pet grooming table with one button. Two sets of waterproof pedals control a high-powered push rod with anti-vibration stabilizers for added safety. Height is easily adjusted while working from either side of the table. Plus, Waggz’ patented lift mechanism eliminates open tracks and rolling wheels, so hair will never get trapped. Waggz’ wide range of affordable dog grooming dryers and tables are also an ideal fit for every grooming facility. Available in different sizes, materials and designs, the tables add a professional touch to any facility while also making it easier to groom pets of different breeds and sizes.

The Roll-Light grooming table is petite and portable. MSRP: $1,150


Waggz has an assortment of cages, from single units to entire cage banks, all manufactured from durable materials with a magnetic latch system for complete security. And, when pups are ready for bath time, it’s critical to have a tub with just the right height (for pet and groomer). Waggz carries a variety of tub styles that make life easier for both! Made of high quality stainless steel, models include electric lifts and medical-grade wheels on roll-out stationary tubs, making the process safer and eliminating the need to lift the pet or bend over to wash. Features like hair strainers, pre-drilled plumbing holes, door options and ABS tiles put Waggz grooming bathtubs in a class all their own.

The Power-Lift grooming tub has a classic design with waterproof pedals that do the real heavy lifting. This patented lift mechanism doesn’t have open tracks or rolling wheels, so hair will never get trapped. MSRP: $2,700.00


With a full range of dryers, clippers, shears, shampoos and accessories, groomers can get exactly what they need at Waggz with brands like Andis (clippers), Geib and Utsumi (shears), Alpha and PawMat (styling accessories) as well as Bio-Groom (shampoos, conditioners).


Whether just starting out in business or looking to expand, Waggz offers both QuickSpark and Affirm financing so groomers can get the equipment they need at affordable monthly payments.


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