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Groomers Helper Introduces the “NO-CHOKE” Control/Slip Lead




(PRESS RELEASE) MARGATE CITY, NJ – The Groomers Helper “NO-CHOKE” Control/Slip lead is the most important new safety tool for groomers and pet handlers to hit the industry in decades.

Conventional “slip” leads are as dangerous as the old grooming nooses, using increasing pressure on the dogs trachea as a damaging control method.   A simple strap of webbing, slipped through a steel ring, and wrapped around the neck.  Although certainly not a recommended use, some unaware pet groomers actually use these dangerous slip leads as grooming loops, just like the old nooses that can and did hang dogs.

The Groomers Helper “NO-CHOKE” Control/Slip Lead prevents the “choking” of pets by using the same, exact proven principals of the patented Groomers Helper Grooming Loop.  The “NO-CHOKE” Control/Slip lead even has different use options that can be used on both brachycephalic and older “trach” dogs.  An emergency quick release buckle has been incorporated as well as an added safety feature, just like the Groomers Helper patented grooming loop.  Groomers Helper took the same, safe, salon proven design that is currently being used by over 100,000 groomers and applied it to the dangerous problem of slip leads choking dogs.

Groomers Helpers’ company mission is to provide a safer and more efficient salon environment for both pets and groomers.  The “No-Choke” Control/Slip Lead fits perfectly into their “Do No Harm” philosophy while upgrading a critical every day use item for most grooming operations.


“We currently have orders for over 10,000 of the new “No-Choke” Control/Slip leads in house already, and we are gearing up to replace every “choke” lead in every shop around the world.”,  stated Chuck Simons,  Inventor of both this new product and the Groomers Helper Safety & Positioning System.

The Groomers Helper “No-Choke” Control/Slip lead is in production and will be fully available by mid-Summer 2018″.  Pre-orders are being accepted.



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