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Groomers Share How They Are Rebooking Clients After COVID-19 Shutdowns

Many pet groomers had eight weeks or more worth of appointments to reschedule.




IN THE THIRD PETS+ COVID-19 Impact Survey, we focused on the segment of the pet industry most impacted by government restrictions: grooming salons and grooming departments in pet stores.

As part of the survey, we asked: “How did you rebook or how are you rebooking clients?”

The top answer was “First come, first serve” at 42 percent, with “By order of canceled appointment dates” coming in at 31 percent. Only 7 percent of groomers answered “By coat maintenance needs,” and many provided additional info as part of the 20 percent of “Other.”

For example, Jeff Jensen of Four Muddy Paws in St Louis, MO, said, “We only booked our existing clients first, based on a combination of missed appointments, coat maintenance, age of dog, etc. We did not initially book any new clients until we got all of our clients scheduled.”

Teresa Hogge of Belly Rubs N Suds, Ashburn, VA, also used a combination of approaches to rebooking.


“We cancelled over 600 appointments, but many of our clients are booked out for the year. So when we reopened, many of our loyal clients already had an appointment on the books for the first two weeks of opening. We combed through the list and contacted those we knew would need a sooner appointment due to skin conditions or longer coats. The rest worked itself out as word got around that we were reopening and taking requests for appointments.”

And Amy Schiek of Lucky Dog in Skaneateles, NY, does not have a reopening date from the local authorities yet, but she shared her plans for when she does. “Our schedule was nearly fully booked for all of 2020 when we were ordered to close. As a result, we plan to pick up the schedule as it is currently set on whatever date we are allowed to resume grooming.”

As of May 22, 41 owners and managers have responded to part two of our COVID-19 Impact Survey Part 3. Take the survey yourself, and stay tuned for more results. Join the PETS+ Brain Squad to take part in surveys. To hear more from your independent pet business peers, join our Facebook Community.

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