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HandsOn Unveils New Addition to Their Multifunctional Line of Pet Grooming Gloves

The company’s new Finishing Gloves feature a five-finger design that allows for a deep groom while delivering a relaxing massage.




(PRESS RELEASE) AUSTIN, TX — HandsOn, a family-owned business that’s dedicated to providing high-quality products for animal companions, is here to step up everyone’s grooming game with its new, cutting-edge Finishing Gloves.

The perfect grooming tool to achieve the ultimate shiny coat, HandsOn Finishing Gloves feature a five finger design that allows pet parents to get into crevices and remove sweat marks and dried mud easily, making pets show ring ready. Double-sided, the gloves feature textured jute to remove loose hair, along with soft, gentle fleece to lightly dust and shine. An elastic wristband also holds the gloves in place, providing better control for an effortless and quick grooming process.

“At HandsOn Gloves, we strive to redesign, reshape and re-imagine ways to make grooming less of a chore for our fur babies, and more of a comforting bonding experience that they can enjoy,” says Jay Michaelson, founder and CEO of HandsOn Gloves. “Our Finishing Gloves are no exception as they can release accumulated hair and distribute natural oils throughout the pet’s fur, all while feeling like a nice massage!”

Ideal for horses, dogs and cats with all hair types, HandsOn Finishing Gloves are the second addition to HandsOn’s line of grooming gloves. Available in two sizes – small/medium and large – for a suggested retail price of $19.99, these Finishing Gloves provide the perfect shiny finish at the end of every grooming session.

For more information on these innovative grooming gloves and the entire HandsOn line, visit here.

About HandsOn Gloves

HandsOn Gloves takes an innovative approach to providing the highest quality in grooming products to the world’s top trainers, athletes, and the everyday animal lover. Used wet or dry, HandsOn offers a unique bonding experience to a community that believes family and animals come first. The grooming gloves provide the utmost in professional excellence while allowing pet owners hands to stay clean and give their animal(s) extra tender loving care. HandsOn Gloves has won three highly acclaimed awards in the pet industry, including first place Best in Show award at Global Pet Expo, first place for best grooming product at SuperZoo, an international pet trade show, and was also named a pet industry all-star by Pet Business magazine. For more information, please visit



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