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Happy Habitats Launches New Halo Carrier

The patent pending Halo carrier fits securely around their exercise ball, allowing you to do more with your small pet.




(PRESS RELEASE) Early one overcast morning at Wake Forest University with his “emotional support” hamster Mooksie, Ethan Haber was jealous of a woman walking her dog. He immediately thought, “Why can’t you walk your hamster the way you walk your dog?” This was the beginning of a revolution for the small pet industry.

Ethan searched the market for a mobile carrier that offered the same care and comfort as the best dog leashes. Something that allowed him to bring his pet outdoors safely and easily. Unable to find anything that met his standards, he decided to design his own product.

From your home to the park and beyond, Happy Habitats is the innovative product you didn’t know you needed. The Halo is the first product in four decades that is changing small pet expectations and standards for the better. It will make your pets happier than ever!

Launching officially in Fall 2022, the Halo is available online at

Happy Habitats Halo

  • The patent pending Halo carrier fits securely around their exercise ball, allowing you to do more with your small pet.
  • With a carrying handle and magnetic kickout stands, the Halo can be used at home or on the go.
  • Three-in-one design allows you to use the Halo as a traditional exercise ball, a stationary stand while your pet runs, and a carrier for short walk while your pet is alongside you.
  • Examples of use: Walk around the neighborhood, chill at the park, hangout with friends and family, etc.
  • Retail Price: $49.95

Safety For Your Small Pet Is The Top Priority


Putting pet and owner safety first and foremost, Happy Habitats is excited to make small pet play safer with their Halo. Their exercise ball is screwed together, unlike the cheaper poorly made balls that have fish hook prongs and tend to split open on impact (like hitting a wall). There is also no need to worry about the lid accidentally popping off, as the lid has a two-step locking mechanism. Plus, the patent-pending ventilation design features smaller slots to prevent paws from getting stuck and hurt. Now, pet owners have peace of mind that their furry friends will be safe the entire time.

For more information, visit

Happy Habitats sells direct to retail and is seeking manufacturers reps to help spread the word.

About Happy Habitats

Happy Habitats creates unique toys, accessories, and treats to better the lives of small pets. They are the first company to innovate in the small pet space in the last 40 years. They put your animals first, creating products for pets, not people, to give them the life they deserve! Follow along their journey of small pet enrichment on Instagram and TikTok.



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