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Healers PetCare Revolutionizes Pet First Aid with Affordable New Essentials First Aid Kit

Designed as an affordable starter kit, it empowers pet owners to build upon their existing first aid supplies for use at home or on the go.




(PRESS RELEASE) VANCOUVER, WA – Healers PetCare, a pioneering name in pet wellness solutions, introduces its latest innovation: the Healers Essential Pet First Aid Kit, now available at a competitive retail price of $29.99. Designed as an affordable starter kit, this kit empowers pet owners to build upon their existing first aid supplies for use at home or on the go.

Since its inception in 2011, Healers PetCare, owned by Terri Entler, has been a trailblazer in the Pet Wellness industry. Notably, the company gained prominence with its medical-style booties designed for paw injuries. Building on this success, the brand now unveils an essential Pet First Aid Kit aimed at empowering pet owners to proactively address their pet’s health needs.

The Essential Pet First Aid Kit features a range of vital components, including a waterproof carrying bag for convenience, a reusable protective Leg Wrap designed for ease of use and to prevent pets from licking wounds, a 4oz HOCl (Hypochlorous Acid) Wound Cleanser, featuring groundbreaking, science-backed technology, it effectively cleanses wounds, and ensures a safe solution for optimal wound care with natural, organic ingredients that promote cell growth and is safe enough to ingest, and a 4oz Natural Hot Spot & Itch Relief cream. The latter includes 1% hydrocortisone for rapid itch relief, conditioning the skin, and reducing pain. Notably, it contains Puredia Sea Berry Oil, a potent cellular antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. Completing the kit is the self-adhesive Gauze Pads, ensuring pet owners have a comprehensive solution for common pet injuries.

Terri Entler, owner of Healers PetCare, emphasized the necessity of such a kit, stating, “Like you have a first aid kit for your family, you need one for your pet. The combination of a veterinarian shortage and the high cost of vet care makes it essential to be proactive in case of a pet injury.”
Valued at $40.48, the $29.99 kit not only offers a significant saving but also includes a complimentary waterproof bag for added value and convenience. The Essential Pet First Aid Kit complements their existing line, delivering an affordable and portable solution for immediate pet care.

Healers is offering a New Dealer Discount of 20% off of $200+ with code: HEALERS20 at its wholesale website.


Healers PetCare, with its focus on holistic and natural pet health OTC products, invites potential investors to join in its mission to propel sales in the rapidly growing Pet Wellness category. For more information, please email Terri Entler at

About Healers Petcare

Established in 2011 by Terri, after creating Medical Dog Boots for her dog, Jake, who burned his paws on a hike. Healers PetCare has evolved into a comprehensive line of over 30+ SKUs dedicated to pet health and first aid, including bandages, wraps, natural solutions, supplements, and more. Headquartered in Vancouver, WA, the company specializes in holistic pet health care solutions tailored for home use by pet owners. For more details, visit



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