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Hear This! More Than Three-Quarters of Pet Pros Play Music in Their Businesses





77%: Yes

  • We recently switched from XM to Cloud Cover music service, which allows us to create a somewhat customized playlist. —  Kate Lindburg, Animal Crackers Pet Supply, Corvallis, OR
  • Pandora on our flat-screen TV, and sometimes I will loop dog fashion shows. —  Asheley Harris, Bark Fifth Avenue, Atlanta, GA
  • Custom playlist. I want to know exactly what my customers are listening to and I don’t want any commercials. —  Joyce Connelley, Marshall Grain Co. Grapevine, TX
  • I wish we had a service! I use my own custom playlist — iPhone to Bluetooth. Total hassle! —  Trace Menchaca, Flying M Feed Co. Houston, TX
  • We play the local radio station because our advertisement plays on it. We love hearing it, and our customers do too! —  Bonnie Bitondo, Maxwell & Molly’s Closet, Newton, NJ
  • We let our staff choose the music from a selection of Sirius/ XM stations, which are all commercial-free. All the music is always upbeat and matches our vibe. Make sure to use an approved music service or you could be paying lots of money in fines! —  Keith Miller, Bubbly Paws, Minneapolis, MN
  • As of right now, I just use a CD player. Soon I would like to use a music service like Pandora but our internet is currently poor. —  Whitney Zoeller, Zoeller Pet Boarding, Golden Valley, ND
  • At our beach location, we purchased a Sonos system, and for our main store, we use a Bluetooth speaker. We use a mixture of Pandora, IHeart radio, Spotify and other options that Sonos offers. —  Matthew Mooreefield, Yarn & Bone Pet Supply, Camden, DE
  • We play Pandora and let our employees pick from a long list of approved stations for the day. —  Ren Douthit, Dee-O-Gee, Bozeman, MT
  • I have Sirius/XM. I have speakers around the store. I play different stations from what’s popular today to the ’70s. —  Jan A. Hopper, Living Pawsitively, Lafayette, NJ

23%: No

  • We play movies like Pet Fooled. Checking out takes a few minutes as we sell a lot of bulk cookies that require our customers to wait a few minutes while we bag cookies and check them out. It gives them something educational to watch while they wait. —  Nancy Guinn, Dog Krazy, Fredericksburg , VA
  • The way our store is set up, it is difficult to hear customers so I think music would make that worse. —  Amanda Smith, Play Dog Play, Burlington, VT

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