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Heelr “Pawtners” with Best Friends Animal Society

It will donate $100,000 to support Best Friends’ goal to make every shelter no-kill by 2025.




(PRESS RELEASE) Heelr, the new hemp-derived pet product brand of Parallel, a global cannabis company, announced its national partnership with Best Friends Animal Society, a leading national animal welfare organization dedicated to ending the killing of dogs and cats in America’s shelters. Through the 2020 partnership, or “pawtnership,” Heelr will donate $100,000 to support Best Friends’ goal to make every shelter no-kill by 2025 and will provide Heelr hemp-infused pet products to the organization.

As a brand dedicated to improving the lives of pets, Heelr is committed to supporting animal welfare and shelters. Heelr’s hemp-infused tinctures and chews for dogs and cats may help pet-owners keep some pets calm and promote relaxation during separation, travel, motion sickness and tension caused by changes in a pet’s daily routine.

“At the heart of the Heelr brand is providing well-being to animals, which can mean ensuring safe environments or offering daily relief whether at home or in a shelter,” said Drew Stoddard, president of Hemp at Parallel. “Animals undergo many stresses throughout their lives, particularly pets in a shelter environment. By supporting the exceptional efforts of Best Friends Animal Society, we hope to promote a sense of calm and relaxation for many of the animals in their care, as they await new homes.”

“Best Friends’ aim to make all shelters no-kill by 2025 would not be possible without the generous contributions from like-minded partners like Heelr,” said Dr. Erin Katribe, DVM & medical director, Best Friends Animal Society. “Heelr hemp-infused products have certainly had a positive impact on many of the animals in our care.”

Using Heelr products means supporting its “pawtnerships” with Best Friends and animal rescue organizations, such as:

  • Big Dog Ranch Rescue – The largest cage-free, no-kill dog rescue in the United States. It is the inaugural sponsor of the Miracle Fund (Fund), which helps dogs like Miracle – the nationally followed dog rescued in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian – get emergency medical attention and cover the costs of their care while recovering at Big Dog Ranch Rescue. Miracle’s story was featured on the Today Show in 2019. Heelr provided sponsorship of the Fund and supplies its CBD pet products to Big Dog Ranch Rescue’s anxiety ward.
  • Danny & Ron’s Rescue – A rescue organization that saves dogs from puppy mills, dog-fighting rings and shelters – often moments away from euthanasia, and care for them until they are ready for adoption. In addition, they deliver pet food and supplies to more than 48 elderly people living in poverty and pay for their dogs’ medical bills. Heelr provides its CBD products to the rescue dogs in its home. In 2018, Danny & Ron’s remarkable story was featured in the critically acclaimed Netflix documentary “Life in the Doghouse.”




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