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Help Pets Get Salon Styling at Home With These Grooming Tools




A WIPE AND A spritz might keep a wire-haired terrier fresh, but a long-haired dachshund needs a little more attention when it comes to grooming. Give your customers easy entry points to brushing, shaping and styling with grooming gloves, deshedding brushes and specialty combs. You can stock a few pro-grade tools, too, for your in-store groom needs and your especially hands-on dog owners.


Low Key

Even the most low-key pet owner can handle a dog’s basic grooming needs at home. Grooming gloves, deodorizing wipes and microfiber towels take off loose hair automatically and work best for customers who want to handle their pets’ grooming needs in a swipe.

FurBuster 3-in-1 Dog Grooming Glove
Aspen Pet

KEY FEATURES: Its rubber fingers groom, scrub and massage, the mesh flushes water and the fabric attracts loose hair.

SALES TIP: You can adjust the inner straps of this machine-washable glove to fit small hands, and tighten the wrist strap for a secure grip.

Advertisement, (877) 738-6283


Ick Be Gone
aOaO Natural Pets

KEY FEATURES: Available in gentle and extra strength, this between-bath formula wipes away allergens, yeast and grime.

SALES TIP: This all-natural combination of essential oils and water is free of bleach, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, antibiotics, unnatural fillers and synthetics.



Dirty Dog Shammy
Dog Gone Smart

KEY FEATURES: The microfiber towel soaks up multiple times its weight and dries in a snap. Order the 20-by-60-inch rack and get 12 gray and 12 brown super absorbent soakers to display.

SALES TIP: Hand pockets allow groomers a surer grip on a dog., (203) 345-1330



Hands On

Dog owners that pay for regular grooms still need to do more frequent touch ups. Stock combs, brushes and deshedders for curly, wire, long, medium and short coats, and target customers who have the time to brush out an undercoat in the park.

Travel Comb

KEY FEATURES: This stainless steel tool is a pet comb, screwdriver, nail file, tick remover and bottle opener, all the size of a credit card.

SALES TIP: A 6-in-1 grooming gadget even MacGyver would envy., (877) 847-3868


Deshedding Brush

KEY FEATURES: Good for dogs sensitive to long-toothed brushes and combs, this brush removes loose hair, dirt and dander from all coat types.

SALES TIP: The deshedder — not detangler — is available in three sizes to cover German shepherds, huskies, Chihuahuas and terriers., (855) SLE-EKEZ



KEY FEATURES: This industry standby is patented to push through the topcoat and gently remove loose hair without damaging skin.

SALES TIP: Furminator offers at least 10 distinct deshedders for dogs, plus more for cats, horses and small animals., (800) 645-5154



These tools are both used by grooming professionals and customers who want to shape their pets’ hair and nails. Target dog owners who might need a tool for emergency nail trimmings or are likely to give the dog a touch-up buzz during those in-between-grooming months.

Gripsoft Palm Nail Grinder For Dogs
JW Pet

KEY FEATURES: A cordless nail trimmer with a rotating filing stone lit by LED. Holes in the nail guard trap nail filings and prevent hair from getting caught.

SALES TIP: Display 4-packs of AAA batteries nearby, so customers can get started., (877) 738-6283


7300-PGK Pet Nail Grooming Kit

SALES TIP: The kit includes a 45-degree paw guide, which ensures the veterinarian-recommended angle for precise, gentle nail trimming.

KEY FEATURES: Internet pet celeb Manny the Frenchie signs off on this latest model., (800) 437-3635


Excel 5 Speed Clippers
Andis (PetEdge)

KEY FEATURES: Choose from one of five speeds for control over sensitive areas, precision trimming and sharp finishes. Now in fuchsia and burgundy.

SALES TIP: Show how quickly the investment could pay for itself: “Same price as four professional grooming sessions!”, (800) 738-3343




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