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Help Young Shoppers Build Dream Habitats for Their Reptiles

Millennial and Gen-Z shoppers are now looking to buy and design their first reptile habitats.




A NEW STUDY FROM PACKAGED FACTS says millennial and Gen Z pet owners share spaces with hamsters, dogs and bearded dragons and would rather live with a wild menagerie at home than be a cat or dog person. They also represent a growing group of reptile owners looking to buy and design their first habitats. Show them desert and rainforest options, lounging branches and filters in disguise.


It’s easy to spot millennial and Gen Z reptile owners: They’re just shoppers under 40. When you see them in your store, try to get them hooked on housing upgrades like mossy lodging hides or elaborate setups to save up for. While they’re shopping, ask if they own any other pets — this group is more likely to own birds, fish, rabbits and hamsters, too.

Exo Terra (Hagen)

KEY FEATURES: A tiny playground that features wet and dry areas for turtles, fish and lizards.

SALES TIP: Mix multiple pets in just 1 square foot of surface area., (800) 225-2700



KEY FEATURES: Water below and a green canopy above, this nano-aquarium is blended with a terrarium so reptiles, fish and plants can live in harmony.

SALES TIP: Add a paludarium stand to maximize the distance lizards and snakes can roam., (888) 496-6633

Price on request.


Sapa Corner Hide

KEY FEATURES: A mossy hideaway with multiple openings and a clever design that allows for an undisturbed viewing window when it’s placed correctly.

SALES TIP: Mist the moss, it’s an easy way to bump up humidity in the tank.,
(805) 450-6115



Gen Z pet owners are more likely to throw a birthday party for a gecko than worry about a tank’s optimal misting point. Keep up the fantasy with accessories that give lizards and turtles extra room to roam and accessories that add rainforest realness to the scene. More-so than millennials, these younger shoppers are likely to toss a gift for their reptiles in the cart.

Zilla Spring Cave
Central Garden & Pet

KEY FEATURES: Geckos and chameleons drink sparkling water from this decorative add-on that mimics live water source.

SALES TIP: This misty mountain acts like an internal rain cloud., (888) 255-4527



Suction Cup Mushroom Ledge

KEY FEATURES: Realistic and sturdy, this suction-cupped ledge opens up more surface area and the habitat’s vertical space.

SALES TIP: For big and small pets, the mushroom ledge holds any reptile that fits.


Exotic Environments Ancient Column Ruins
Blue Ribbon Pet Products

KEY FEATURES: This colorful and realistic ornament stands 9 inches high and is part of a larger line of backdrops and accessories.

SALES TIP: Build a scene for your customers to help them imagine what look they can create., (631) 864-1555



Millennials focus on the health of their pets. They want to understand why a shed is sticking or know the exact temperature of a turtle’s warming spot. For shoppers who want products to help them offer the best care, point them to high-tech touches that keep the habitat humming and tools to keep up a clean and healthy home.

Exo Terra (Hagen)

KEY FEATURES: Maintain super-accurate temperatures with this tricked-out digital thermometer that includes a waterproof remote sensor, recessed temperature controls and LED heat indicator.

SALES TIP: Steady as she goes, this control virtually eliminates terrarium temperature swings., (800) 724-2436



Cold Life Cleaning Kit
Royal Pet

KEY FEATURES: Scoop, scrape, brush and sanitize any habitat with this pack designed for a thorough scrub.

SALES TIP: Study up — the kit includes a cleaning guide that teaches new owners the ropes., (888) 717-1150


Decorative ReptoFilter

KEY FEATURES: A filter disguised as a beautiful waterfall for newts, frogs and turtles that fits aquariums up to 55 gallons.

SALES TIP: This smart design cover keeps animals out of the filtration zone and doubles as a basking area., (800) 322-1266




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