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Here Are 8 Accessories to Become the HGTV of Terrariums

Become the HGTV of terrariums with these accessories.




STALE ON SNAKES? Recharge your reptile department with a trip to an exotic pet show. Hit up the H.E.R.P.S. Exotic Reptile and Pet Show in East Texas or a breeder show like the Tinley Park Reptile Show near Chicago. Get inspired by real-life connections with amphibians and invertebrates, and get a firsthand look at what reptile owners are buying, like the terrarium accessories featured here.

Bio Cups

PRODUCT DETAILS: Eliminate washing without the waste with these all-natural and biodegradable paper feeding cups, made from plant fibers.

SALES TIP: A good deal at a hundred per pack and designed to hold food or water for up to 48 hours.



Naturalistic Flora
Zoo Med

PRODUCT DETAILS: Seven new styles of this ultra-low maintenance terrarium plant line, anchored by sturdy root stakes. Use inside a terrarium or in an office as a decorative plant.

SALES TIP: Real in feel — so natural that pets instinctually collect water droplets from the leaves and hide in the voluminous foliage to sleep., (888) 496-6633

Price on request

Reptology Skull Hide-Away Combo

PRODUCT DETAILS: A natural fiber lounger attached to a realistic skull, held in place by suction cups. For glass, acrylic and plastic enclosures.

SALES TIP: Social and shy reptiles alike can crawl on through or hang back in the lounger., (866) 625-2385


Madagascar Hissing Roach Tower

PRODUCT DETAILS: Inspired by hissing roaches of Madagascar, this realistic, handpainted model replicates the real thing in 7 inches.

SALES TIP: Perfect for horror movie enthusiasts and hobbyists inspired by creepy terrarium scenes., (561) 998-5350



Bamboo Bars
Fluker’s Farms

PRODUCT DETAILS: Spring-loaded faux bamboo supported by scion cups creates a natural terrarium environment. Sold in two-packs, the bars expand and retract from 10.5 to 15 inches.

SALES TIP: Climb time — these bamboo bars turn any tank into a pop-up playground., (225) 343-7035


Yellow Orchid Magnaturals

PRODUCT DETAILS: A realistic take on orchids in a flowering 16-inch terrarium insert, secured on a chunk of real grape wood.

SALES TIP: Natural attraction: These lush accessories are held in place with powerful magnets., (818) 781-3892


Turtle Clean

PRODUCT DETAILS: This powerful biological habitat cleaner reduces solid waste and helps eliminate organic waste in turtle habitats.

SALES TIP: Call it a seven-day cycle: Weekly use builds beneficial biological flora in the terrarium and ensures that significant organic waste breakdown occurs., (800) 724-2436



Coco Fiber Crashpad

PRODUCT DETAILS: This 18- by 36-inch terrarium liner rolls out easily and is two-sided: rough, made from coconut fiber, and smooth with a latex coating.

SALES TIP: Doubles as a big rollout blanket for any exotic, including leopard geckos, bearded dragons and horned lizards., (805) 450-6115


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