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Here Are Your Letters for January 2019

Some are excited, while some fear the uncertainties of 2019.




Higher Payroll

2019 will bring higher payroll costs, as minimum wage increases take effect in Massachusetts. I believe in paying a living wage, so I support the increases. It will mean that I will be looking at raising my prices to keep pace. Lisa Kane, Wags Doggie Day Care And Training, Wenham MA

Imperative Niche

I believe the economy is still going strong and looks like more growth for everyone with a strong game. Gone are the days of just opening a store/service and resting on your laurels. Creating a unique ambiance or niche service is imperative to keeping ahead of the big-box stores and online competition. Leel Michelle, Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe, San Diego, CA


I am looking at 2019 as one of uncertainty, with the potential for very positive outcomes, but also the very real possibility that things could go sour. On the positive side, the economy is doing well, and disposable income seems to be increasing slightly as employment remains strong and wages start to creep up. However, as we see in the recent stock market loses, there is a very real possibility that we may be heading for troubled times, especially if the tariff issue isn’t resolved quickly and positively. I see it as an either/or … which I don’t like. Kimberly Barnes, New England Dog Biscuit, Salem, MA


2019 will be all about finding new ways to keep customers engaged. Are they getting bored with my Facebook page? What other avenues do I need to explore? What other services can I add to bring in my current customers more often while attracting new customers? Bakery? Freshly prepared meals? Dog-walking service? Home delivery? Michelle Nelson, The Pet Authority, Albert Lea, MN

Beneficial Results

I am betting that 2019 is going to be an amazing year for growth, both in business and personally. There are so many excellent resources available, including PETS+ magazine, that any concerted effort to keep up with the rising tide of pet ownership can be met with beneficial results. Wendy Megyese, Muttigans, Emerald Isle, NC


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