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Here’s How Much People Will Spend on Their Pets This Holiday Season




It varies by generation.

The holidays season is fast on its way, and for many pets, that means gifts such as chew toys and personalized pillows.

A demographic called “Mature Gen Z” — they’re 17 to 21 years old — will, along with large-city urban dwellers, on average spend the most on pets, at $71, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers’ 2017 Holiday Outlook.

Those groups will followed by millennial dads, who’ll spend $70.

Members of Mature Gen Z will spend the highest proportion — 9 percent — of their holiday budget on pets, compared with
4 percent for pet owners overall.


Some other interesting facts about Mature Gen Z and the holidays:

  • They plan to spend almost 40 percent of their total holiday budget on themselves.
  • They have the smallest overall holiday budget at $750.
  • Eighty-sevent percent turn to social media for inspiration to find gifts.


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