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HERO Dog Toys Revamps Trade Campaign to Mirror Consumer Ad




(Press Release) BALTIMORE, MD – Caitec announced that it has revamped its trade campaign to mirror its new consumer advertising. The trade advertising continues the brand’s theme, “Every Dog is Somebody’s HERO,” but links the visual directly to its consumer targeted commercials. The revised ads also tout the fact that HERO is the ONLY brand of dog toys supported by consumer advertising. The move is part of the brand’s 360-degree approach to making HERO a household name.

“We are excited to see the HERO consumer campaign come full circle,” said Terry Gao, President of Caitec. “As we ramp up our consumer campaign for launch it’s only natural that we would recreate our trade creative to match that effort more closely.”

The revised trade campaign debuts in September to coincide with the HERO consumer campaign launch.

Visit to learn more about the brand.

Visit to see the new HERO consumer commercials.PETS KidHeroCampaign


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