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HICC Pet® Fact Sheet

Bellevue, WA



P: (206) 228-0673 / E: / W: / SuperZoo Booth 5175

In HICC Pet’s own words
Founded in 2020, HICC Pet® – Health Innovations for Cleaner, Comfier Pets – is on a mission to deliver premium quality home wellness and grooming products to pet parents around the world. We specialize in wipes, rinses, and sprays that are easy to use and are as gentle as they are effective on pets, especially those like our rescue kitten, Chestnut, who may be overly sensitive due to wounds, allergies or illness. We will be demonstrating our products as well as giving away samples at Superzoo booth 5175, various entrances to the main hall and in the Groomers Lounge.

What is HICC Pet known for?
At HICC Pet® we are committed to creating products that support an enjoyable, stress-free grooming experience for both pets and their owners. All of our wipes are designed to fit the human hand, while being specially formulated for pets with sensitive skin. Handy for Humans, Perfect for Pets, that’s our motto. Likewise, we also have a collection of wellness sprays, rinses, and wipes that feature hypochlorous acid, a natural and safe alternative to alcohol-based products, to effectively cleanse targeted problem areas for pets.

How does HICC Pet support retailers?
The most important thing we can do for retailers is to give our focus and support to the independent pet specialty channel. We do this through Astro loyalty and promotions, enforcing a strict MAP policy, and providing product training and sales support. We’ve also been fortunate to provide local retailers in the PNW additional promotion and build brand loyalty with their customers through our partnership and platform with the Seattle Mariners as the 2024 presenting sponsor of their Bark at the Park events in June, July, and September.

What’s new?
One of our newest products is our Plant-Based Grooming Wipes in Damask rose scent. Rich in fermented coconut oil, colloidal oatmeal, Damask rose water, aloe vera extract, and chamomile extract, these wipes are great for daily maintenance, cleaning dirty paws, and serving as finishing wipes at the end of a deep grooming session, leaving your pet floral fresh. We have also curated Starter Sets with a variety of sample size grooming products. Perfect for pet parents on the go or who are looking to explore our products for the first time.

1. Plant-Based Grooming Wipes in Damask Rose

MSRP $12.99

2. HICC Pet offers a variety of wellness and grooming products

3. Fan Favorite Starter Kit

MSRP $26.99

3. Hypoallergenic Pet Eye Wipes

MSRP $15.99

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