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HICC Pet® Fact Sheet




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What is HICC Pet® known for?
HICC Pet® stands for Health Innovations for Cleaner, Comfier Pets. We were founded on the concept of providing natural, effective grooming and skin care solutions for pets. The Grooming Collection features wipes formulated with our innovative Fermented Coconut Oil solution, rich in lauric acid, offering nourishment, cleansing, and deodorizing benefits. The Wellness Collection, formulated with Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl), includes easy-to-use rinses, sprays, and wipes for effective pet cleansing.

Why did HICC Pet® get into the pet industry?
HICC Pet® launched in 2020, after the founders rescued a stray kitten named Chestnut from the streets. Chestnut suffered from illness and injury, which led the founders to ask themselves, “How could we protect helpless animals from harmful microbes?” That’s when they discovered the healing qualities of Hypochlorous acid (HOCl), a naturally occurring compound found in the white blood cells of mammals that aids the immune system in fighting bacteria and infections. Thus HICC Pet® was born, bringing science-backed health solutions to pet owners. Today, HICC Pet® has an extensive line of Wellness and Grooming products for cats and dogs.

What’s New?
In 2024, we have expanded our product line to include both Anal Gland Wipes and Anal Gland Spray, crafted to be a gentle solution for some of your pet’s most sensitive areas. Our Anal Wipes are formulated with Deoplex®, fermented coconut oil, and manuka honey, effectively deodorizing and offering soothing relief from anal gland irritations. Likewise, our HOCl Anal Gland Spray works as a germ-
reducing agent that reduces irritations and promotes anal gland health for your pet. Both products can be used independently or together for Scoot-Free Joy. Safe for daily use for cats and dogs.

What makes this product line special?
HICC Pet® revolves around creating revolutionary products that are designed for humans and safe for pets. One of our most iconic products is our award-winning Deodorizing Glove Wipes. The innovative glove-shaped design is infused with our fermented coconut oil formula along with other plant-based ingredients for the highest level of moisturizing and cleansing benefits. They ensure a mess-free grooming experience with every use. Our signature HOCI formulation is also available in an Antimicrobial Glove Wipe to naturally fight germs and bacteria and promote healing for a range of skin issues while maintaining skin health.

1. Anal Gland Wipes. $13.99

2. Deodorizing Glove Wipes. $24.99

3. Anal Gland Spray. $19.99

4. Hypoallergenic Pet Eye Wipes $15.99

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