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The HICC name — Health Innovations for Cleaner, Comfier Pets — is at the center of the company’s line of pet skin wellness products. Created with sensitive skin friendly, naturally derived ingredients, HICC Pet’s easy-to-apply wipes, sprays and rinses are all designed to keep dogs and cats clean and healthy in the most gentle way possible.

The HICC Pet story began in 2020 with the rescue of an injured stray kitten named Chestnut. To help Chestnut heal,  the company founders searched diligently for a solution that would be effective in treating her wounds, but gentle enough to ensure her safety as a young, weak kitten. Pets like Chestnut are the motivation behind everything HICC Pet does.

This is the HICC Pet Promise: Our pets deserve only the best. HICC is on a continuous mission to source safe, potent ingredients for effective pet skin care products that improve pet health and wellness. All products are manufactured under strict guidelines of ISO9001 and CGMP, in an FDA-registered facility.

Today, HICC continues to develop products formulated to increase the health and well-being of pets with products that are handy for humans and perfect for pets.

To watch an interview with HICC Pet North American Sales Manager (and pet lover) Nick Smith.
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