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Hikari Introduces New Food Products for Fish

They offer a variety of benefits including the necessary nutrients for healthy fish.




(PRESS RELEASE) Hikari has introduced Vibra-Bites, Reef Riot and Mysis Shrimp, the newest additions to the company’s line of diets for tropical and marine fish. Each new diet offers a variety of benefits including the necessary nutrients for healthy fish.

Vibra-Bites is formulated to maximize health and wellness for tropical fish, as well as enjoyment for hobbyists. The flavorful pellets have a design that resembles blood worms slowly and randomly gliding through the water — making Vibra-Bites an ideal option for fish that prefer live food. As opposed to live worms, however, Vibra-Bites offers a rich array of nutrients and carries no risks of parasites or bacteria. In formulating this product, Hikari conducted extensive feeding trials that enabled the company to identify the ideal balance of flavor and nutrients. As a result, Vibra-Bites provides superior growth and immune system support while enticing fish with an irresistible taste. In addition to its high nutritional value, Vibra-Bites is packed with color-enhancing ingredients that will help fish glow with vibrant hues.

Freshwater Canadian Mysis Shrimp cubes, harvested from the glacier-fed waters of Lake Okanagan are ideal for most larger marine fish. Gut-loaded with natural algae and high in phospholipids, which help unlock the amino acids for use by your fish, these meaty shrimp offer a fantastic feeding option. Add in the company’s three-step sterilization process, bio-encapsulated multi-vitamin enriching, pure water packing and proprietary freezing process and you have a vast improvement over prior Canadian Mysis Shrimp offerings. Best of all, this freshwater species helps marine fish complete the osmotic process using less energy and offer freshwater carnivores a meaty treat they will love.

Reef Riot is Hikari’s first food-blizzard type of food. These reef specific blends offering a variety of three-step sterilized, gut-loaded with bio-encapsulated multivitamin and varying sized ingredients offer something prior blends could not. Add in freshwater, Lake Okanagan Mysis Shrimp, and you have a blend offering corals and smaller fish a mix they will love with nutrients sources they need to develop their full potential. Available in a carnivore and herbivore version in an 8-ounce flat-pack package.

As an internationally recognized leader in the aquatic nutrition industry, Hikari invests significant time in exploring the natural habitats of various species of fish, breeding fish in the company’s own state-of-the-art facilities, producing diets and carefully researching the impact of the diets on fish over time. Armed with these science-based insights into the nutritional needs of fish, Hikari is able to create products that help customers maintain their ponds or aquariums in prime condition while supporting optimal health, beauty and longevity for aquatic pets. Using the species-specific process, Hikari ensures that each of its products is tailored for the unique needs of various types of aquatic pets.

To learn more, visit or contact Hikari Sales USA at or (800) 621-5619.




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