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In today’s pet industry marketplace, things are happening fast, and like Ferris Bueller said, “If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” It’s not enough to aspire toward being nimble; it’s a requirement in today’s world. The “great resignation” has shown us the importance of capturing top talent now and not waiting for tomorrow.

By Shaylene Keiner
President, Dolittle Search

Dolitte Search encourages organizations to build a proactive strategy that puts them in the driver’s seat, especially in fast-growing businesses. We consider the following aspects when recruiting executive talent for our customers:


Determining the ideal pace for growth and the perfect mix of talent is difficult. Think of it like “soul searching” for the workplace. Those on your current and future team ARE your company. When you shine the spotlight on that future, consider if the candidate has the passion and force to help your company scale. Do they fit today’s culture? Can they grow with it? Will they embrace and foster change?


There are two main benefits of encouraging positive company culture. One, it’s attractive to new talent. And two, it improves the loyalty of your current workforce. Culture should be part of the organization’s fabric as crucial as its key performance indicators.

When looking to hire someone in today’s hiring climate, make sure they have the qualities needed to grow with your organization.

Do your business goals integrate the culture and mission of your company? Does everyone in the organization embrace it? Discuss it during interviews, in job descriptions, and even in reviews. You must call it out to ensure people understand your culture.


Those you hire today are the leaders of tomorrow. Candidates who strengthen your organization’s positive qualities should improve everyone’s collective abilities over time. Be sure they understand the attributes and differentiators that make your company prosperous.


Experience alone does not always determine the best fit. Talent incorporates intelligence, motivation, personality and an unspoken “joie de vivre.” Those qualities drive culture and can make or break the atmosphere of success and collaboration.


When you’re ready to fill a vacant seat, utilize the process you have built by considering growth, organizational culture and talent. Validating your assumptions through planning and structure will go a long way toward landing the best talent quickly.


Dolittle Search stays ahead of our customers’ needs by adapting and reinventing ourselves to maintain the agile approach upon which our success in the pet industry is built. We are experts at helping organizations answer critical questions of top industry talent, defining what makes your organization attractive and why your company is exceptional in the marketplace. That next step is where we excel — seeking and delivering the best candidates and executive talent for your vital roles.

Dolittle Search stands at the ready to work for YOU, and we work quickly to achieve your goals. Reach out today for a consultation.