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Hold a Kitty Intervention, Honor K9 Veterans and Plan 15 More More Promotions for Feb-Mar

Seriously, odds are a few of your cat customers have a drinking problem.






1 DOG TRAINING EDUCATION MONTH presents partnership opportunities to retailers who don’t offer training and trainers who don’t sell products. One option: During a designated week, the trainer asks clients to practice impulse control with their dogs at the store, where they also can get a small discount on trainer-recommended products. In return, the retailer invites customers to a neighborhood walk, led by the trainer and complete with a sign-up sheet that serves as lead generation for the trainer. Repeat regularly if successful!

1 Grab customer attention with a clever campaign during NATIONAL CAT HEALTH MONTH. To promote the importance of hydration through wet food and toppers, Dog Krazy stores in Virginia use “Your cat has a drinking problem. Ask us about an intervention.”

2 If your business feels like it’s repeating the same day over and over and over, GROUNDHOG DAY is the time to act. Bring in a sales coach, master groomer or other expert to shake things up and teach your team new skills.

14 Go beyond hearts and flowers with your VALENTINE’S DAY display. Amy Schiek of Lucky Dogs in Skaneateles, NY, did exactly that in 2021 with her front window: “I chose the restaurant scene from ‘Lady and the Tramp.’ It is such a compliment when I see people stop in front of our window and smile, laugh and take a photo.” Be strategic with product placement to draw them into your store!


3 You show appreciation to your employees year-round, yes? On EMPLOYEE APPRECIATION DAY, do something extra-special like Frank Frattini of The Hungry Puppy in Farmingdale, NY, who introduced a gas stipend. It’s “our small way of saying we understand the challenges and thank you,” he says.

5 Pet Sitters International kicks off its 29th annual Professional Pet Sitters Week, during which the organization will host its One-Day Online Summit for Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers on Mar. 7. The focus will be on pet health and behavior. Visit to register.

10 During the three-day GROOM’D at the Georgia International Convention Center in Atlanta, GA, 27,000-plus professional groomers will sharpen their craft and grow their business in 50-plus education sessions, and shop the newest products from 100-plus vendors. Visit to register.

13 Many stores offer free food to working law enforcement and military dogs. Show your continued support to those retired on K9 VETERANS DAY. When participants in the K9 Cop Feeding Program at Julz Animal Houz in Marysville, WA, turn in their badge, Julie Sterling offers wholesale pricing. It allows dogs such as Odin (shown above with Officer Dana) to continue eating raw at a discount.

20 With the arrival of SPRING comes warmer weather … and even more shedding! Hail the new season with a deshedding package to keep pets healthy and their people happy. Don’t offer grooming? Promote your deshedding products in self-wash or simply in your grooming products section.

22 The pet world assembles in Orlando, FL, for a howling/meowing/chirping good time at GLOBAL PET EXPO. The action continues through Mar. 24. Swing by the PETS+ booth, #1704, for networking and cool prizes.

24 TICK BITE PREVENTION WEEK starts, which means it’s time for a display of preventatives as best defense and removals for necessary offense.



  • 1 Spay/Neuter Awareness Month. Spread the message by offering a “Recovery Package” to recently “fixed” pets. Think surgery suits, bland canned food and calming products.
  • 12 Super Bowl LVII. Showcase customers in a Pupper Bowl gallery on your socials.
  • 14 Pet Theft Awareness Day. Create a checklist to help customers prevent such crimes from happening to them.


  • 12 Girl Scout Day. Get certified so troop members can earn pet care-related badges at your business.
  • 14 The NCAA basketball tournament, aka March Madness, begins. Partner with a local shelter to create a bracket of adoptable pets!
  • 23 It’s Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day. Invite your human customers to taste test treats. Get it on video and share, of course.



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