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Holistic Hound to Debut New CBD/Mushroom Products at Global Pet Expo




(PRESS RELEASE) BERKELEY, CA – Holistic Hound has announced the addition of three new products to the company’s acclaimed line of organic, veterinarian-formulated CBD and mushroom supplements:

Mighty Mojo Mushroom CBD-Rich Hemp Oil
Provides powerful immune support with 250mg of full-spectrum CBD oil and 13.5g of wild harvested Chaga mushroom extract. In addition to the many potential benefits of CBD (including anxiety relief, reduced inflammation, immune support and more), Chaga mushrooms are a nutrient dense “superfood” and powerful antioxidant that can help balance the immune system, normalize blood pressure and cholesterol level, fight inflammation and provide anti-viral, anti-microbial and anti-tumor properties.

Mighty Mojo Mushroom Powder
Contains a full-spectrum blend of five certified organic mushrooms that are non-hallucinogenic and non-toxic, including Reishi, Shiitake, Mesima, Poria and Turkey Tail, to help modulate the immune system, inhibit cancer cell growth, and provide anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Available in 4.5oz bags.

Lamb Liver CBD and Medicinal Mushroom Dog Treats
Made with New Zealand grass-fed lamb liver, Holistic Hounds’s new Lamb Liver Treats (as well as the popular pasture-raised, organic chicken variety) are rich in organic, US-grown, full-spectrum CBD and medicinal mushrooms, and are grain, GMO and THC-free. Available in 7.5mg and 3mg potencies, and offered in 7oz and 2.7oz bags.

These new products join Holistic Hound’s full line of supplements for dogs and cats, including:

  • Chicken CBD and Medicinal Mushroom Treats
  • CBD-Rich Hemp Oils
  • CBD-Rich Coconut Oils

“We’re incredibly excited to add these new products to our existing line of popular supplements, providing more safe, healthy options for pets to flourish from the many benefits that CBD and medicinal mushrooms can provide,” said Holistic Hound founder and trained homeopath Heidi Hill.


Holistic Hound supplements contain whole plant, CBD-rich, full spectrum hemp oils derived from US-grown organic hemp, are non-psychoactive and THC-free, and provide the positive medicinal benefits of cannabis without negative side effects. Each product is third party tested for safety and potency. According to Hill, “Our CBD products can safely provide our pet companions with the many reported benefits of hemp derived cannabis, including reducing pain, treating inflammation, minimizing anxiety, and helping treat other health conditions that pets may experience throughout their lives.”

For additional health benefits, Holistic Hound products also contain a certified organic blend of five medicinal mushrooms, including Reishi, Shiitake, Mesima, Poria and Turkey Tail. Medicinal mushrooms are safe, nutritious and delicious and have been used in Eastern medicine for centuries to combat a variety of ailments. Studies show that they have immune modulating and antioxidant properties and can also inhibit cancer cell growth.

Holistic Hound is dedicated to helping improve the health, wellness and longevity of dogs and cats with an acclaimed line of veterinarian-formulated, organic CBD and medicinal mushroom treats and hemp oils, made in the USA. Founded in 2003 by homeopath and animal lover Heidi Hill, the company distributes Holistic Hound products to independent pet stores and other retailers across the country. Holistic Hound recently received a 2018 GreenState Cannabis Award for Excellence in Pet Products. In addition, Holistic Hound operates a natural pet store in Berkeley, California, providing ongoing support to their clients through consultations, inspiring on-site classes/talks, referrals to holistic practitioners, and more. For more information visit



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