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Icelandic+ Offers Treats for Dogs Eating Grain-Free Diets

Treats are loaded with this healthy amino acid.




(PRESS RELEASE) All-natural treat manufacturer Icelandic+ has found that their Capelin Whole Fish treats contain 6 grams of taurine per kilogram of dry weight, according to the Department of Molecular Biosciences at the School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California Davis.

Icelandic+ CEO Jon Roska, Jr. shared why the company’s Capelin Whole Fish dog treats are loaded with this healthy amino acid. “We process every fish naturally and air-dry them to lock in the taurine and other nutrients dogs need,” said Roska. “Capelin is not only good for your dog, it’s a sustainably caught fish found right along the shores of Iceland.”

Taurine, an essential amino acid for dogs, aids in the health of cardiac, eye and immune system function, as well as the health of many other systems. It is recommended that dogs ingest up to 1,000 mg of taurine per day for every 40 pounds of body weight.

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