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Identify These Royal Pets Throughout the Ages

See what you know about the pets of kings, queens, princes and princesses.




UPON LEARNING of the passing of Queen Elizabeth’s last Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Willow, in April, it got us thinking about other royal pets. That is, pets OF ROYALTY, not pets that are treated like royalty, which, we’d venture to guess, is any pet within sight of a copy of PETS+. See what you know about the pets of kings, queens, princes and princesses.


Some of Queen Victoria’s favorite pets were captured in a painting: Dash, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Lory, a parrot, Nero, a Greyhound and Hector, a Deerhound. Who was the artist? (Hint, his name is synonymous with pet paintings.)


The man who gave the last mistress of Louis XV a parrot — which was famous for swearing and making ribald remarks — was presented with a knighthood for his gift. Who was the mistress?


Known as the royal dog of this country, this breed is one of the oldest living breeds with carvings appearing in Sumerian tombs as far back at 7,000 years ago. What’s the breed?


This breed of dog reportedly saved the life of William, Prince of Orange (Holland) from an assassination attempt in 1572. What’s the breed?



According to Wikileaks cables, the dog of the prince who would become king of this country held the rank of Air Chief Marshal. What’s the country?

Answers: 1. Sir Edwin Landseer; 2. Madame du Barry; 3. Saluki; 4. Thailand; 5. Pug;



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