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In September, Celebrate Weirdos, Bosses and Perfect Punctuation

Celebrate your community’s most enthusiastic animal lovers.




03 It’s LABOR DAY. Enjoy that last blast of summer. You deserve it. Before the holiday starts, why not share a list of beach do’s and don’ts ( for clients planning to bring dogs to the ocean or lake for a final summer fling? (Also note that it is National Pet Month.)

9 On WONDERFUL WEIRDOS DAY, celebrate your community’s most enthusiastic animal lovers — the woman who doesn’t leave home without cat ears and a tail, the guy who takes his snake grocery shopping, or the couple who roll their perfectly healthy pups around in a double stroller. Promote in your bulletins and on social media.

14 It was a big week for embraces — with HUG YOUR BOSS DAY today and HUG YOUR HOUND DAY on Sept. 9. Rather than celebrating just one hug-themed holiday, why not combine the two into a new event, Hug Your Boss’s Hound Day? On your holiday, make it so that visitors to the store can hug your dog for a 5 percent discount.

22 On DEAR DIARY DAY, consider starting your own daily journaling habit. Taking time each morning to quietly assess the previous day’s performance and your goals for the day ahead could be life-changing.

24 Punctuation matters. In the words of one anonymous potty-mouthed wit, it is the difference between knowing your sh*% and knowing you’re sh*%. On NATIONAL PUNCTUATION DAY, drop by your local bookstore and pick up a copy of Strunk and White’s classic Elements of Style.

24 This week marks a three-fer, with NATIONAL DOG WEEK, NATIONAL DEAF PET AWARENESS WEEK and also ADOPT A LESS ADOPTABLE PET WEEK all happening in the current seven-day period. Make sure the community around your hears about all three of these worthy events.

26 BATMAN DAY comes a week after the much more heralded TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY (Sept. 19). But in our opinion, talking like a pirate is really played out. It’s way more fun to talk like Batman. For inspiration, search for “Batdad” on YouTube.

27 MORNING SHOW HOSTS DAY is a good day to consider your local media strategy. Have you ever tried to get featured on your community’s local morning show or broadcast news? If not, start thinking about a human-interest story related to your business that you could pitch to your area station.

30 Have you ever listened to a podcast? Subscribed to one? Been a guest on one? Launched your own podcast? On INTERNATIONAL PODCAST DAY, answer these questions in order and turn the first “no” into a “yes.”


September is Responsible Dog Ownership Month, National Pet Insurance Month, Happy Healthy Cat Month and National Service Dogs Month. Pick two or three to touch on over the course of the month.

Sept. 1  is Ginger Cat Appreciation Day. Love your ginger!

Sept. 9 is National Pet Memorial Day. Time to remember beloved pets of the past.

Sept. 15 is Puppy Mill Awareness Day and Responsible Dog Ownership Day. Spread the message.

Sept. 23 is Checkers Day, also known as Dogs in Politics Day. (It’s a long story, but it’s related to a Cocker Spaniel given to Richard Nixon as a gift.)

Sept. 28 is World Rabies Day. Support the WHO in its effort to end rabies deaths worldwide.



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