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Inbox: Letters From Our Readers for January 2018




Cutest Cover

I loved the chocolate lab reindeer! It was the cutest cover! (Nov/Dec 2017) We put it on our front entry table so everyone that walks in our office would see it! —  Cassandra Powers, The Pet Firm, Phoenix, AZ

Great Expectations

I’d like to see a story on average income for store owners, relative to the size of the business. For example, single-door brick-and-mortars, two to five stores, etc. Also rural verses metro locations. What can an owner of a pet-related store or services business expect to make? —  Dana Rice, Dog Wild Pet Supplies & Resort, Cooperstown, NY

Kid Training

Would like to hear what other stores might say to customers whose kids who are unruly/touching everything/loud/rude/pulling toys off shelves/etc. —  Nancy Okun, Cats n Dogs, Port Charlotte, FL

Bad Reviews

I would like to hear how people handle negative reviews and if anyone had dealt with particularly slanderous types of problems. —  Diana Perez, Species Pet Supply, Riverview, FL

Love Letters

  • I truly read this mag from cover to cover and learn something new each time. I especially love that you quote your readers so much. It really makes it feel like a real community. —  Kristina Robertson, The Pet Spa at Barkley Square, Falls Church, VA
  • Love all the stats, trends, and updates you provide for retailers. It’s so very helpful! —  Ashley Harris, Bark Fifth Avenue, Atlanta, GA
  • PETS+ helps us to be able to promote (whether via social media or other avenues), which products seem to be hot for the season and potential events we were unaware of. —  Dawn Taylor, Pug Rescue, Vero Beach, FL
  • Our favorite thing about the magazine is getting a first look at new products. —  Tom Jeffrey, DinkyDogClub, Charleston, SC
  • Although I don’t own a brick-and-mortar business, I find that many of the articles pertain to me, even though I am a service provider only. —  Tracy Stocker, When You’re Not There Pet Care, Tigard, OR
  • I enjoy it. Even when I disagree, it’s thought-provoking. —  Andrea Berg, Auggie’s Doggies Pet Supplies, Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • I have to say I love your magazine! I love the tips and advice. And I love the features from real-world business owners. —  Christine Dixon, Wiggle and Walks Pet Care, Charlotte, NC
  • Always love reading the magazine from cover to cover! —  Kelly Catlett, Waggs 2 Whiskers, Bagdad, KY
  • I like Pets+, it’s my favorite trade mag and the only one I read cover to cover. Love the bit-size tidbits of information. Content is relevant to managers and gives practical advice and tips that can be implemented. —  Karen Egert, Karen’s Canine Kitchen, Leesburg, FL

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