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Inbox: Letters From Our Readers for May-June 2017

“This mag is one of the first that really gets what the smaller business needs,” says one reader.




Whole Lotta Love

First, I love the shape and feel of the mag. Second, I loved the clean cover. More than anything, this mag is one of the first that really gets what the smaller business needs. We want growth and to have real doable ideas. The pros that you have in the mag are just great, the suggestions are paramount. I love the direction you are taking this mag. Keep it up. — Krista Robertson, Barkely Square Pets, Falls Church, VA

  • My clients look to me to be the expert in trends in the pet product industry. I look to pets+  to help me with that. I love the product-specific info that I read … more of that please! Thank you! — Diane Pekarek, Corporate Canine, Valley City, OH
  • I love the magazine! I don’t usually read all of the magazines I get (usually if there’s something interesting), however I always find that every page in your magazine has something useful or something to teach me! — Alli McDonough, Fido & Stitch, Grand Rapids, MI
  • I absolutely loved, loved, loved the Manager’s To-do List with the many suggestions. Many of these have become ideas that I want to try out in the next couple of months. I would love to have an article about hiring and retaining the right staff. For several years I have had an awesome staff that have now all left in the last six months to take on “real career” jobs — leaving me hiring an entirely new staff. The struggle to do this is real! — Alison Schwartz, All Pets Considered, Greensboro, NC
  • Generally, I thought the content was more interesting and useful than the other pet dealer magazines. I’m not interested in new products or remedial retailing tips about grouping like products together. I want fresh ideas for how to make my store stronger and more appealing. I want to increase traffic, improve my website, learn how to arrange my store to improve customer flow, see how other people are displaying their products successfully, etc. — Joyce Connelley, Marshall Grain Co., Grapevine, TX
  • Pets+ has things that I am so eager to read and learn good customer service from! — Monica Swank, Lupine Kennels Boarding and Grooming, Amery, WI
  • I loved, loved, loved the marketing advice! I would like more advice as to how a small store can go up against the big internet players. I can’t believe that last week, I bought products from for my store, because their online pricing was less than wholesale price offered by four different distributors. — Patricia Boden, Animal Connection, Charlottesville, VA

This article originally appeared in the May-June 2017 edition of PETS+.



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