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Category Spotlight: InClover Research®




Boulder, CO
P: (877) 987-PETS (7387)

Biochemist Rebecca Rose was a successful researcher, running clinical trials for human pharmaceuticals. She was also a passionate pet owner who wanted to apply her scientific expertise to creating healthier pet products. So, in 1996, she launched InClover Research®, the first company to offer a scientifically-developed line of pet supplements. As Rose defines it, “We’re science with soul.”

Rose uses gold standard technology in developing supplements for pets. InClover products feature the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) seal, an industry group dedicated to protecting the health of animals. InClover passed rigorous audits for the right to display this shield.

With unique brands, benefit-specific packaging and the NASC Quality Seal, InClover makes trusted supplements easy to sell. MSRPs: From $9.99

Using the slogan, “Pets deserve more,” InClover’s supplements address elements of health for dogs and cats. Products include joint, digestive, skin and coat and dental supplements for both species. Dog owners can also find allergy and heart supplements. Plus, InClover offers respiratory and urinary tract support for cats.

InClover products undergo scientific testing. Their “Connectin” supplement for joints was tested at the Massey University Veterinary School, a premier research institution. Connectin significantly outscored placebos — proof that when scientists team with pet lovers, innovation triumphs. Says Rose, “Our products allow owners and pets to worry less and play more.”

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