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What is the OdorLock brand known for? OdorLock® is an ultra-premium clay litter offering 40 days of exceptional odor control with ammonia-blocking technology. Made from high-performance natural clay, it quickly absorbs moisture and forms solid clumps. Its soft, fine grains are gentle on your cat’s paws and is virtually dust-free.

What makes OdorLock litter special? Our OdourLock® litter, made from 100% pure Wyoming sodium bentonite clay, forms smaller, stronger clumps for easy maintenance, absorbs up to six times its weight in liquid, generates less waste, and lasts longer therefore reducing annual litter use by up to 45%, saving consumers money in the long run.

What’s New? In 2023, Intersand launched OdorLock® maxCare™, the only ultra-premium clay litter designed to detect traces of glucose and blood in cat urine which are early indicators of potential health concerns. Unlike other health-monitoring competitors showing only pH levels, Odorlock maxCare needs only one drop of blood for detection.

When did Intersand get into the pet industry? Since 1992, Intersand has provided the best of the best to our dear pets. We want them to live long and healthy lives, and we have dedicated over 20 years to develop the best products based on the best practices for the best interest of pets worldwide.

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