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Introducing Jiminy’s Sustainable, High-Protein Dog Treats Made with Cricket Protein




(Press Release) BERKELEY, CA – On July 25 in Las Vegas, Jiminy’s introduced a new line of dog treats that are nutritious, sustainable and made with cricket protein. Crickets are an exciting alternative protein source combining great nutrition, low environmental impact, and a nutty flavor that dogs love. Along with the Original Cricket Cookie, Jiminy’s will be launching two other flavors, Peanut Butter & Blueberry and Sweet Potato & Apple, at SuperZoo, the National Show for Pet Retailers.

Jiminy’s Founder and CEO Anne Carlson explains, “At Jiminy’s, we’re passionate about pets and we set out to develop products that combine the best possible nutrition and taste coupled with sustainable ingredients and practices. Our consumers care deeply about the choices they make for themselves and their pets. Food content, origin, sustainability and humane and ethical practices matter.

Jiminy’s understands this new mindset and puts conscious consumption at the center of everything that we do.”

Why did Jiminy’s choose cricket protein? Crickets are an incredibly sustainable protein source, using exponentially less land, water and feed than traditional protein. In addition, crickets emit far fewer greenhouse gases like methane. 

Compared pound for pound with beef, crickets feature a fantastic nutrition profile with more protein, higher iron and fiber, and lower in fat. Finally, cricket protein is humane, the crickets live most of their natural life in the environment they love.


An unbeatable combination – healthy, humane, sustainable and dogs love it! 

“Jiminy’s is one of the most innovative dog treats we’ve seen in years,” commented Bo Nelson, President and Founder of, “We’re thrilled to represent Jiminy’s!”

“It is exciting to see that Jiminy’s is driving both environmental sustainability and humane treatment of animals at the core of their brand,” shared Caitlyn Bolton, Executive Director of the Pet Sustainability Coalition, “We’re excited to have Jiminy’s as a member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition and we’re looking forward to supporting their success in the industry!” 

“I’ve been asked several times how I plan to measure success,” added Anne Carlson, “What I tell them is that we will truly be successful when we reduce the carbon ‘paw print’ of our dogs and cats. Pet parents can feel great about giving their dogs these treats. It’s good for the earth. The puppies love it. Wagging tails all around!”



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