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JAC Pet Nutrition Announces Superfood Crumbles Functional Cat Food Topper and Gravy Mix

They are available now.




(PRESS RELEASE) OLATHE, KS — JAC Pet Nutrition is announcing Superfood Crumbles Functional Cat Food Topper and Gravy Mix that supports digestive and microbiome health.

“We are excited to announce our latest innovation, three functional Superfood Crumbles Cat Food Topper and Gravy Mix recipes: Shrimp, Chicken and Salmon. Our functional feline toppers are designed to support digestive and microbiome health. Plus, many other function and especially urinary tract health. We add cranberries because our feline friends are known to have urinary tract issues. Digestion and urinary health are the top two issue that affect cats today,” says Charlie Bachkora, chief pooper scooper at JAC Pet. “We feel we have one of the best food topper and nutrition boosting product for cats on the market.” At JAC, we know these additional benefits are critically important for a cats overall health and wellness.”

JAC Superfood Crumbles Cat Food Topper and Superfood Gravy Mix are available now. For more information contact, JAC Pet at or 913-712-8106. Visit website

About JAC Pet Nutrition

JAC Pet is born out of love for pets and providing innovative, healthy product for pet parents who embrace a holistic approach to total pet health.



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