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Jax and Cali Introduces New Tear Stain Wipes

They are proven to help naturally oxidize iron compounds associated with porphyrin.





(PRESS RELEASE) ORLANDO, FL – Jax & Cali’s new Pet Tear Stain Wipes are proven to help naturally oxidize iron compounds associated with porphyrin eliminating most tear stains while promoting healthy eye function. These pre-moistened finger mitt wipes contain a blend of non-irritating and non-toxic ingredients and are recommended to be used twice daily on pet tear stains until intended results are accomplished.

“These wipes join our family of products dedicated to our holistic and natural approach to the well-being of your pet,” said Gail Beregovich, president and founder of Jax & Cali. “We like to push the boundaries by developing products with pet nutrition and wellness in mind. This latest product addition is an example of our continued journey to naturally treating the whole pet from nose to tail.”

Formulated using colloidal silver and boric acid, these ph-balanced Tear Stain Wipes are tested and proven to eliminate most stains caused by porphyrin and target yeast and moist dermatitis naturally occurring around the pet’s eye.

When used twice daily these wipes will help eliminate stains and promote healthy eye function.

“We are dedicated to the health and safety of peoples’ pets,” added Beregovich. “Like all of our products they are manufactured here in the United States by a woman-owned business using only the highest quality ingredients.”

About the Company


Jax and Cali are two piebald mini-dachshunds living their best lives with their mom, Gail, and dad, Ed, in Miami, Florida. These two family dachshunds were the impetus for creating the Jax & Cali® brand. Founded in 2015, Jax & Cali is a female owned, family operated, indie brand based in Florida. We are dedicated to holistic and natural wellness for your furfamily.

In a market saturated with products made with ingredients you would not even want to put on your own body, let alone your pets, Gail Beregovich, Jax & Cali’s visionary, has pushed the boundaries by developing products based on emergent trends in nutrition and wellness.

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