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Jax & Cali’s Announces Latest Product Line Addition

This non-toxic, non-irritating formula is safe even for the most sensitive pet ears.





(PRESS RELEASE) ORLANDO, FL – Jax & Cali’s new Pet Ear Swabs contain a blend of nine powerful antioxidant enzymes that have been independently tested and proven to remove ear wax and control and eliminate infections. This non-toxic, non-irritating formula is safe even for the most sensitive pet ears.

“We use a holistic and natural approach to developing our products,” said Gail Beregovich, president and founder of Jax & Cali. “We also believe that our products provide healthy, practical solutions to some of the most common problems pet parents experience with their furry friends on a daily basis.”

Jax & Cali’s Ear Swabs contain ImmunoSEB, a robust blend of nine antioxidant enzymes created by Specialty Enzymes and Probiotics. When used as directed these swabs cleanse, loosen and remove ear wax while working to resolve ear infections. The wipes can then be used once weekly for the continued maintenance of healthy pet ears.

“We push boundaries by developing products with the wellness of pets as the focus,” added Beregovich. “All of our products are manufactured here in the United States by a woman-owned business using only the highest quality ingredients.”

About the Company

Jax and Cali are two piebald mini-dachshunds living their best lives with their mom, Gail, and dad, Ed, in Miami, Florida. These two family dachshunds were the impetus for creating the Jax & Cali® brand. Founded in 2015, Jax & Cali is a female owned, family operated, indie brand based in Florida. We are dedicated to holistic and natural wellness for your furfamily.


In a market saturated with products made with ingredients you would not even want to put on your own body, let alone your pets, Gail Beregovich, Jax & Cali’s visionary, has pushed the boundaries by developing products based on emergent trends in nutrition and wellness.

For more information about Jax & Cali’s All-In-One Pet Ear Swabs and other company products please go to

If you would like to request a sample please email [email protected].



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