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July/August Happenings: Indie Retailer Month, Guinea Pig Appreciation Day

Remind your audience of how much it means to a community to have strong local businesses.






It’s Independent Retailer Month. Remind your audience of how much it means to a community to have strong local businesses. Be loud in support of your fellow independent retailers, and encourage them to be loud in support of you.


Today is one of those “how time flies” days. Yes, it’s the midpoint of the year. Instead of getting depressed, get busy. Retrieve your targets from January and check where you are. If you’re off course, adjustments are necessary, but more importantly, it signals that something is awry with your assumptions. Working harder, for example, won’t boost sales if customer traffic is drying up.


On Independence Day, offer grooming specials for American breeds, or patriotic grooming styles. And be sure to promote your American-made products.



Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day. Dumb name for a holiday, but a smart business move. So invite your web developer for a meal, and have her show you the latest WordPress pet-business templates. (With templates more spectacular every year, you have no excuse for having a cruddy-looking website.)


On World Snake Day, s-s-see what s-s-sales opportunities you can s-s-spawn. Hold a “Slither In,” where local snake owners can mingle and show off their scaly friends.


It’s the Major League Baseball All-Star Game. Promote your own “pet all-stars” — a lineup full of your favorite pet breeds, or your favorite pet customers.





Breath deep, because it’s Fresh Breath Day, an annual opportunity to remind staff of the importance of dental hygiene. In your morning meeting, hand out packs of floss, breath freshener and mints to stress the importance of staying vigilant against that noxious sales killer — halitosis.


Get your meow on for International Cat Day. Hold a social media photo contest, a cat fashion show, or other event that brings together local cat owners.



Tell a Joke Day is a reminder that every business owner could use a good joke or two for ice-breaking. Here’s a good one: “Q: What do you call a dog magician? A: A labracadabrador.” And: “Q: What did the cat on the smartphone say? A: Can you hear meow?”


It’s always good for a laugh to share painfully awful pet-themed poetry with your bulletin readers on Bad Poetry Day. Or hold your own contest to mark the day — asking your customers to submit their best (worst) pet-themed haiku, limerick or ode.


Go big on National Dog Day. Hold a sale, parade, fashion show, picnic, “park and bark” or other event that gathers members of your business’s pet community. Or search for events where you can talk up your services.


Jul 16 is Guinea Pig Appreciation Day. Show some appreciation!

Jul 15 is Pet Fire Safety Day. As with people, preparation saves pet lives.

Aug 8 is Odie Day. We’re Team Odie!

Aug 15 is Check the Chip Day. Let those on your list know where to get animals chipped locally.

Aug 17 is Black Cat Appreciation Day. They’re gorgeous and elegant. Why the bad rap?

Aug 18 is International Homeless Animals Day. What can you do to help?

Aug 22 is Take Your Cat to the Vet Day. Promote your favorite vet (or vets).

Aug 30 is Holistic Pet Day. Promote your all-natural food lines.



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