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June Dates: Microchip Month, Clean Your Aquarium Day, Take Your Dog to Work Day

Do your bit to keep human-animal families together by hammering home the importance of microchipping animals.





During ADOPT A CAT MONTH, provide links to local shelters and encourage adoptions. And remind your contacts that the only thing better than adopting a cat is adopting two.


Do your bit to keep human-animal families together by hammering home the importance of NATIONAL MICROCHIP MONTH. Use your website, bulletins, social media and in-store signage to encourage customers to have their beloved animals microchipped. Remind people who don’t know the technology well that it’s not like you’re installing a circuit board into your pet — the microchip is merely the size of a grain of rice.


For the average contact-avoidant feline, HUG YOUR CAT DAY might be one of the most distressing days of the year. But you have the power to turn a bad day into a good one with a special deal on cat toys or edible treats. One lousy hug for a tasty treat? Seems like a good deal to us.



It’s BEST FRIENDS DAY, and we at PETS+ want to remind you that not all best friends are human. (I mean, have we forgotten that whole “man’s best friend” thing already?) Promote a gift or shared experience today.


What do your customers do when they hear that it’s CLEAN YOUR AQUARIUM DAY, but they don’t feel like cleaning their aquariums? Well, they contact you, their local fish supply store, because you had the foresight to promote your latest tank-cleaning specials. You did, didn’t you?


C’mon, admit it. You found the long-running comic strip painfully repetitive and dumb. But an icon’s an icon, and on GARFIELD THE CAT DAY, as your animal community’s animal representative, you should probably do something. Try a social media contest to identify a local look-alike.



If there’s one thing the average person loves more than Garfield cartoons, it’s taking pictures of themselves with their phones. On SELFIE DAY, offer a discount to any customers who share a sweet selfie (with an animal friend) on your social media channels.


TAKE YOUR DOG TO WORK DAY is important for pet businesses, as more dogs out in the world mean more products, more care and more training sold. So provide guidance to your customers on how to make it a success, like this toolkit from Pet Sitters International:


One of the pet business’s best educational programs launches today at SUPERZOO. (The main show floor opens on June 26.) If you can, arrive early and spend time filling up on new ideas and getting inspired. Then, turn your focus to stocking your store with exciting new products.



On INSURANCE AWARENESS DAY, call your insurance agent and see if he is willing to re-evaluate your rates. And if you don’t like the answer you get, reach out and get a quote or two. Avoid premium creep. Can you get more for less?


June is NATIONAL PET DISASTER PREPAREDNESS MONTH. If disaster happens, do you have a plan for your pet?

June is NATIONAL WASH YOUR DOG MONTH. Wash your dog in June. And July. And August, etc.

June 4-10 is PET APPRECIATION WEEK. Repeat after us, every week is Pet Appreciation Week!

June 12 is WORLD PET MEMORIAL DAY. A day to remember those who nuzzled their way into our hearts.

June 19 is NATIONAL PETS IN FILM DAY. This Air Bud’s for you!

June 21 is NATIONAL DOG PARTY DAY. Have a little get-together.

June 25 – July 1 is PET ANXIETY AWARENESS WEEK. Research how you can help your pet mellow out.



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