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“We’re Doggie Daycare, Ma’am … DOGGIE Daycare”




WHEN I WAS with a doggie daycare in Atlanta, we had someone call in and get through all of our questions, including making sure that she had the Bordetella vaccination, which we clarified to be kennel cough. She had said yes and had no issues. When we got to the age of the “dog,” we found her to be over our age that required to be altered. So we asked if she had been spayed, and the client on the phone seemed very confused and asked us to clarify. We then said have they been altered? Unable to reproduce. The mother freaked out and started yelling. There was no way she would do that to her baby! And it was totally inappropriate we would ever suggest it! She went on, and my employee on the phone started to realize: She’s not talking about a dog. She thought we were human daycare. — Annabell Bivens, The Dog Store by Your Dog’s Best Friends, Alexandria, VA

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