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Kaytee Introduces 20 New Products to Small Animal Lineup




(press release) CHILTON, WI – Kaytee announces the launch of more than 20 new offerings to its industry-leading portfolio of small animal pet products in the U.S. The expansion is highlighted by the introduction of the Kaytee CritterTrailSUPER Habitat, the first habitat of its kind in the U.S. designed specifically for larger breeds of small animal pets such as Syrian hamsters. Other additions include odor control bedding, color changing habitats and more.

“We share the enthusiasm that our loyal customers have for small animal pets, and we’re excited to introduce these new, innovative options,” said Jason Casto, director of marketing, Kaytee Small Animal. “We’re especially thrilled to launch the Kaytee CritterTrail SUPER Habitat, which is our first stand-alone CritterTrail habitat that exceeds the recommended minimum living space for Syrian hamsters. The design of CritterTrail still allows multiple habitats and accessories to be attached to build a connected habitat system of any size. However, the new CritterTrail SUPER Habitat meets a need for a single CritterTrail habitat with ample living space.”

The new products joining the Kaytee line of solutions include:

  • Kaytee CritterTrail SUPER Habitat and Accessories A habitat for larger breeds of small animals including Syrian hamsters, Kaytee CritterTrail SUPER Habitat offers 540 sq. in. of living space, and the large top access door allows both hands to enter the habitat to ensure safe removal of pets. The large-size, 10” Kaytee Silent Spinner Wheel is quiet either free standing or attached. The Kaytee CritterTrail Wide Open Door Fun-nel Tube is 10” in length and easy to attach and clean. (Suggested Retail Price: CritterTrail Wide Open-Door Fun-nel Tube-$7.99, 10” Silent Spinner-$20.95, CritterTrail SUPER Habitat-$129.95)
  • Kaytee Playpens and Open-Style Habitats – Kaytee My First Home 24” x 24” habitat quickly and easily converts into an open-top play pen. Kaytee Pet-N-Playpen, Medium is an easy-to-assemble, connectable small animal playpen offering over five sq. ft. of interactive playtime space. (Suggested Retail Price: My First Home 24”x24” Habitat-$49.99, Pet-N-Play Medium-$29.99)
  • Kaytee CritterTrail LED Color Changing Innovation – Kaytee CritterTrail LED Color Changing Habitat has five color settings, in addition to the standard features of CritterTrail Habitat. Additional accessories include Kaytee LED Color Changing Add-On Light Kit and Kaytee CritterTrail Fun-nel Builders Pack. (Suggested Retail Price: CritterTrail Color Changing Habitat-$59.95, CritterTrail Color Add-On Light Kit-$22.95, CritterTrail Builders Pack-$4.99)
  • Kaytee LED Lighted Run-About Ball – Winner of the “Best in Show” distinction in the small animal category at Global Pet Expo 2017, this exercise ball is now available in a new 5” size and 13” size that is the largest available on the market. The new sizes join the existing 7” ball to offer a wide variety of options that can accommodate nearly any species, including larger pets. (Suggested Retail Price: Run-About Ball 5”-$12.99, Run-About Ball 13”-$37.95)

  • Kaytee Hay Feeder and Toys – Kaytee Free-Standing Trough Hay Feeder allows pets to easily access hay without the mess outside of the habitat. Available in both guinea pig and rabbit fun-faced designs, Kaytee Play-N-Hay Toys are hay and treat dispensers that hang to keep treats off the bottom of habitats. (Suggested Retail Price: Free-Standing Trough Hay Feeder-$11.99, Play-N-Hay Toy Rabbit or Guinea Pig-$4.99)
  • Kaytee Giant Tube – Ideal for ferrets and pet rats, Kaytee Giant Tubes are available in straight, elbow and tee designs. With a 4.75” diameter, these play tube accessories encourage healthy exercise and universally connect to other Kaytee products. (Suggested Retail Price: Giant Tube Elbow or Straight-$11.99 or Giant Tube Tee-$12.99)
  • Kaytee Premium Timothy Hay Treats – With all the benefits of fresh, all-natural Timothy hay, these treats are long-lasting for proper dental health. Kaytee Premium Timothy Hay Treats are available in a variety of formats including balls, bowls, chips, shapes and hideouts. (Suggested Retail Price: Timothy Chips-$4.99, Timothy Shapes O’Hay-$4.99, Timothy Peanut Shapes-$3.99, Timothy Roll-N-Toss-$7.49, Timothy Chew-A-Bowl-$7.49, Timothy Small Hideout-$11.99, Timothy Large Hideout-$19.99)
  • Kaytee Bedding Kaytee Extreme Odor Control Clean & Cozy Bedding guarantees 14 days of neutralized odor. Kaytee Clean & Cozy Natural Bedding is soft to encourage burrowing while absorbing two times more liquid than wood shavings.Kaytee Clean & Cozy Apply Spice Scented Bedding offers the same benefits as the standard bedding with the added odor control feature. (Suggested Retail Price: Clean & Cozy Natural Bedding, 72L-$22.99, Clean & Cozy Apple Spice Bedding, 24.6L-$14.99, Clean & Cozy Extreme Odor Bedding, 40L-$19.99, Clean & Cozy Extreme Odor Bedding, 65L-$29.99)

The new offerings from Kaytee join a line of more than 300 small animal products that includes food, treats, bedding, toys, habitats and accessories designed for guinea pigs, ferrets, gerbils, hamsters, rabbits, rats and more.


For more information about Kaytee and complete details on each of the new products, visit



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