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Keep a Photo History of Displays, Plus Other To-Do’s for Your Pet Business in February and March

Take a photo of every seasonal display in 2022 so you have them to reference and either repeat — or not — in 2023.




Jan. 31-Feb. 5

CUSTOMER SERVICE Further set your business apart from big-box stores by creating a follow-up system that lets customers know you’re there for their pets. A phone call one week after they switch to a new food or a few days post first groom is a good place to start.

Feb. 6-12

MARKETING According to a survey conducted by online retailer Zulily, 42 percent of millennial pet parents would rather snuggle with their pet than their romantic partner. That makes Valentine’s Day a genuine opportunity to encourage a show of love with a gift. Get displays up and on your social media, then set up a Kissing Booth like the one above at Four Muddy Paws in St. Louis, MO, to give them yet another reason to stop in with their preferred snuggle partner.

Feb. 13-19

STRATEGY Up your market intelligence: Ask every new client: “Why did you leave your last pet service provider?” At the same time, follow up on defections. Polite inquiries to pet owners who have decided to go elsewhere will help make them rare events.


Feb. 20-26

TEAM Set a learning goal for your team members. It could be sales skills, social media practices or something related to pet care. Just make sure it is NEW knowledge they are acquiring. According to research, workers thrive when they experience both a sense of vitality and a sense of learning. They also are less susceptible to stress and burnout, and much healthier in such a state.

Feb. 27-Mar. 5

SEO The notion of creating a sea of content in the form of a company blog that Google can’t ignore may seem daunting, but it’s actually not so hard. Start with the 100 questions customers ask on a daily basis and turn them into 100 blog posts, with those questions transformed into the titles. If you write two a week, that’s a whole year’s worth of fresh content across all of your channels.

Mar. 6-12

BUYING Schedule times to discuss marketing activities and sponsorship opportunities with vendors at Global Pet Expo (Mar. 23-25). Go prepared with proposals to promote the company’s lines in your store. That will make you very popular and may get you a better deal.

Mar. 13-19

NETWORKING Build your community reach by sponsoring a local youth gymnastics team. Adrian Archie of petNmind Naturals of Coconut Creek, FL, sponsors the equipment for one in his area, which means his logo gets seen every time the athletes practice or compete.


Mar. 20-26

SELLING Roll out a merchandizing or sales contest to get team members excited about selling. Dexter’s Deli in San Diego, CA, does this with a daily bonus incentive and store contests. “We love to support our staff with incentive programs where they can earn extra money,” owner Tori Rosay says. “People love it.”

Mar. 27-Apr. 2

MARKETING Work on a referral system. Maybe a bonus of a $25 in-store or service credit to every client who refers someone.

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