Heard of “Cedric the Entertainer”? While Cedric certainly a funny guy, his name was a bold statement of intent that helped him stand out from other similarly funny guys. You could benefit from a similar approach.

How? (OK, deep breath.) 

Change your last name to the type of animal you specialize in. It could be “Dog” or "Bulldog" or "Cat" or "Bobtail" ... or even "Boa" if you deal in exotic snakes.)

You’d definitely get tons of local news coverage.

Not ready for such a drastic and lasting change? Then do it informally: Print it on your business cards, use it to answer the phone (“Hi, this is Steve Boa.”), etc.

Oh, and if you choose to go the legal name-change route, tell us!

This article originally appeared in the March-April 2017 edition of PETS+.