77%: Yes

We recently switched from XM to Cloud Cover music service, which allows us to create a somewhat customized playlist. Kate Lindburg, Animal Crackers Pet Supply, Corvallis, OR

Pandora on our flat-screen TV, and sometimes I will loop dog fashion shows. Asheley Harris, Bark Fifth Avenue, Atlanta, GA

Custom playlist. I want to know exactly what my customers are listening to and I don’t want any commercials. Joyce Connelley, Marshall Grain Co. Grapevine, TX

I wish we had a service! I use my own custom playlist — iPhone to Bluetooth. Total hassle! Trace Menchaca, Flying M Feed Co. Houston, TX

We play the local radio station because our advertisement plays on it. We love hearing it, and our customers do too! Bonnie Bitondo, Maxwell & Molly’s Closet, Newton, NJ

We let our staff choose the music from a selection of Sirius/ XM stations, which are all commercial-free. All the music is always upbeat and matches our vibe. Make sure to use an approved music service or you could be paying lots of money in fines! Keith Miller, Bubbly Paws, Minneapolis, MN

As of right now, I just use a CD player. Soon I would like to use a music service like Pandora but our internet is currently poor. Whitney Zoeller, Zoeller Pet Boarding, Golden Valley, ND

At our beach location, we purchased a Sonos system, and for our main store, we use a Bluetooth speaker. We use a mixture of Pandora, IHeart radio, Spotify and other options that Sonos offers. Matthew Mooreefield, Yarn & Bone Pet Supply, Camden, DE

We play Pandora and let our employees pick from a long list of approved stations for the day. Ren Douthit, Dee-O-Gee, Bozeman, MT

I have Sirius/XM. I have speakers around the store. I play different stations from what’s popular today to the ’70s. Jan A. Hopper, Living Pawsitively, Lafayette, NJ


23% : No

We play movies like Pet Fooled. Checking out takes a few minutes as we sell a lot of bulk cookies that require our customers to wait a few minutes while we bag cookies and check them out. It gives them something educational to watch while they wait. Nancy Guinn, Dog Krazy, Fredericksburg , VA

The way our store is set up, it is difficult to hear customers so I think music would make that worse. Amanda Smith, Play Dog Play, Burlington, VT

This article originally appeared in the February 2018 edition of PETS+.