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Kure Pet Food Announces Product Distribution

The eagerly anticipated milks, broths and proteins from the new company led by Roxanne Stone and Jacqueline Hill, with Dr. Doug Knueven, roll out this month.




The eagerly anticipated products from Kure Pet Food arrive this month. Led by raw-feeding pioneers and sisters Jacqueline Hill and Roxanne Stone, with Dr. Doug Knueven, the new company, Initial LLC, the manufacturer of Kure Pet Food, is independently farmer-owned, operated and sourced in the rural valleys of Pennsylvania.

Roxanne Stone and Jacqueline Hill of Kure Pet Food.

Kure Pet Food shared details about the launch products:

Raw Cow Milk Kefir (raw cow milk, raw honey, lactic acid bacteria) — From grass-fed pastured Jersey cows, a nutritious mate to any pet meal. A protective, nutrient dense cleanfood, it is digestible lactose that most pets tolerate well because of the fermentation. A hearty source of live enzymes, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and probiotics, rich in CLA, and omega-3 fatty acids, it benefits immunity and boosts gut health. MSRP: 32 ounces at $9.99, 64 ounces at $17.98.

Raw Fermented Goat Milk (raw goat milk, lactic acid bacteria) — Comes from their own pasture-raised, grass-fed goats. This full-fat dairy is a healing cleanfood. Raw fermentation, so this is digestible lactose which most pets tolerate well. Billions of probiotics and hundreds of live cultures support good gut health. Rich in naturally-occurring taurine, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, with high bioavailability. MSRP: 16 ounces at $ 5.82, 32 ounces at $9.99 and 64 ounces at $17.98.

Fish Bone Broth with Fermented Sardines — Made using whole fish fresh from the North Atlantic profoundly satisfies pets’ nourishment needs. Acadian Redfish supply a rich nutrient load. Cod livers are a superfood, rich in vitamins and calcium. Sardines are a wonderful cleanfood. Sustainably raised sea kelp adds biodiverse goodness. Great for digestion, and an immunity-booster. MSRP: 16 ounces at $5.99, 32 ounces at $11.99.

Chicken Bone Broth with Fermented Ginger — Nourishing meal addition, and easily digested. Their recipe, natural collagen protein, beneficial for skin, coat, bone, claws, and joint health. This probiotic-rich recipe offers complex live nutrients, and is a source of super concentrated Omega-3s. Raw fermented organic ginger root is a superfood ingredient. MSRP: 16 ounces at $5.99, 32 ounces at $11.99.

Raw Fermented Beef and Chicken Recipes — Pasture raised, grass-fed and grass-finished beef and pasture-raised chicken; optimal 1:1 fat to protein ratio, a recipe balance following nature; clean source of energy; fermented organic vegetables; no high-pressure pasteurization. Serves as a complete meal with 90 percent meat, organs and bone, and 10 percent whole foods; organic lacto-fermented vegetables for high bioavailability, organic pasture-raised chicken eggs for optimal nutrition. MSRP for Beef: 12-pound box at $77.14, 20-pounds at $128.57 and 40-pound box at $257.15. MSRP for Chicken: 12-pound box at $64.28, 20–pound box at $107.14 and 40-pound box at $214.29. The 40-pound boxes contain 20 2-pound chubs, the 20-pound boxes contain 20 1-pound chubs, and the 12-pound boxes contain 12 1-pound chubs.

Kure touts highest-quality sourcing from small, regenerative farms with humane and ethical practices; no GMO, pesticides or drugs; minimal processing and plastic use; and low-energy manufacturing. And the cartons are environmentally friendly.

The milks, broths and proteins are available through Aloha, GenPet and ADMC starting the week of Sept 13. Products also will be available through Southeast Pet this month.

For more information, call (800) 706-4990, email or visit




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