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Laser Therapy, Acupuncture and Massage for Pets? At This Hotel, It’s All in a Day’s Stay

 Pet hotel offers treatments that live up to its posh name.




Posh Pet Hotel takes the concept of holism quite seriously. Not only does the West Palm Beach, FL, boarding facility offer its guests luxury lodging, salon services and positive-reinforcement training, it also provides a variety of “Zen” wellness treatments. Dogs and cats can get complete care while their humans are away.


Meet a Pet Healthcare Need

Lincoln and Stacey Baker moved from California to Florida with the goal of opening a high-end, holistic boarding facility. That happened in 2015, and the wellness treatments have been available since day one.

“We wanted to be different than what was already here,” Lincoln says. “Veterinarians in the area offer cold laser therapy and acupuncture, but other pet hotels don’t.”

A vet visits the hotel to administer those treatments, as do local massage therapists trained in animal bodywork. Posh Pet staff also give gentle rubdowns and set guests up with a far infrared heating pad.

Lincoln says that senior dogs and cats get the wellness care most often, as it helps relieve pain and inflammation associated with aging. Pets who become anxious when away from home also can benefit from certain treatments.



Partner and Invest

Because laser therapy, acupuncture and animal massage require specialized training and equipment, quite expensive in the case of the laser, Posh Pet keeps a vet — currently Dr. Archie Kleopfer — and massage therapists on call. They bring their expertise and equipment. The cost of the treatments includes their fee as well as a percentage the hotel adds on for scheduling them on-site.

The Bakers smartly look for a vet, in particular, who would find the arrangement both profitable and convenient.

“He lives by the hotel and just pops in on his way home,” Lincoln says.

While it didn’t make sense to purchase the equipment required for laser or acupuncture therapies, the Therasage far infrared heating pad only costs $175, and the Posh Pet charges $25 for a 30-minute session — it long ago paid for itself.



Steady Referrals, Strong Word of Mouth

The number of wellness treatments administered at the hotel varies from week to week, with busy times involving long-term guests who need cold laser therapy every other day. Lincoln says the “Zen” offerings are a small but important part of the Posh Pet experience, as they allow certain guests to get all of their needs met. When that happens, he adds, pet parents praise the care to others, resulting in new bookings.

Vets also are quick to refer their clients, especially if they themself do not offer these wellness treatments.



Do It Yourself: Five Steps To Wellness Treatments

  • Partner with a veterinarian who lives nearby. Don’t know any? Post on Nextdoor to find neighbors with the necessary skills/equipment. Also try mobile vets.
  • Invest in lower-cost items such as infrared heating pads.
  • Suggest wellness treatments during the reservation process, when you’re asking about a pet’s medical needs.
  • Highlight these services in a separate area on your website. Check out for an excellent example.
  • Post photos of guests getting wellness treatments on social media, and encourage pet parents to share them as well.





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